Bonus Post (Farscape)

I know this is not Ddo related but some times I have to just get something out, and you are my audience. So stick around and read a little about the best Scfi show ever.

I have always loved Scfi/fantasy tv shows. Enterprise, and every other Star Trek show, FireFly, Angel/Buffy, Tremors, Stargate: , and more. I can think of only 1 or 2 Scfi/fantasy shows I didn’t love (β€œLost” I am talking about you). But if I had to list out my top 5 the number 1 slot would be Farscape.

Let me digress a little more. I like to watch shows by the season, or at least in long runs. And I have fallen hard for Netfilx on Demand Streaming. I had finished up all the Lie to Me that Netflix had available for streaming. And I was looking around for another show to start on and BAM! Farscape. 3 weeks later and I have once again devoured all 4 seasons.

Every character has that real person feeling to them. And you come to care about them very quickly. And the stories are filled with highs and lows. I watched the last 2 shows today and for the last hour now my heart has been pounding. And I ran to Amazon to buy Farscape: The Peace Keeper Wars. The 4 hour ending movie/mini series.

But the best is thanks to Johnny Confidence (from Flex your Geek Podcast) I learned the the story doesn’t end there. The original creator as teamed up with Boom! Studios to make a Farscape Comic. I ordered all 3 of the paperback books and I will be taking a look at seeing about getting the comics as the come out. Check out Johnny Confidence’s write up that informed me all about the books.

Long story short check out the show if you haven’t seen it before or if you know the show have haven’t watched lately check it out again.

One thought on “Bonus Post (Farscape)

  1. “Farscape” is good (very good), but it doesn’t hold my #1 spot (not really sure what does), but definitely in top 5. Two other very over-looked shows are “Babylon 5” and “Space: Above and Beyond”.

    Granted, the later is essentially “just” ‘Marines in space’, but still falls under the sci-fi genre. Great mix of action, story telling, and character development. It only lasted 1 season because of the idiots in charge of FOX TV, but worth getting the DVD set, IMHO.

    B5 was one of (if not “the”) first US sci-fi productions with an actual planned 5-year story arc (they’ve been doing those in England for years). Always compared to “Star Trek” and told it couldn’t compete and ST fans would reject it by “those in the know”. But they were (of course) wrong. The 5th year seems a little out-of-place, but that’s only because they didn’t think they were going to make it to the 5th season, so they basically wrapped things up in the 4th. But the 5th is still good.

    Man, you got me on a roll…I better stop before I take up all your posting space. πŸ˜‰

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