Solo Profits

So i had a kind of writers block, more of a “Do I really want to talk about that again?” as apposed to straight up writers block. So as a work around, I asked for a few topics from some of the best people around, my twitter followers. I got a few topics and I will work threw them as long as they keep coming in or until I have something better to offer.

Okay the fist one on the list that got my attention if from FriendlyNecro He wants to know “Favorite places to farm money solo and advice?”

So where do I go when I need plat in a hurry?

Mostly IQ/ Dreaming Dark, Mining for Ancient Secrets is one of the best plat per min runs at least for a good caster. I Dream of Jeets if you can hit the 2 optional chests are also quick and often very good.

Amrath, Both the explorer and Sins of Attrition are also favorites. There is a nice run out in the battle field where you hit the Orthon by Sins, The Horned Devil and Cat by Genesis Point, run around and check on the closest Golem. All of these guys at the moment are vorpalable or smiteable. And Sins had lots of chests and are very soloable for a few different builds.

But the best way to make plat (in my mind) is to get something that someone else doesn’t want take the time to farm and sell it to them.
Green Steel items and weapons are one of best and all the vale quests are very solo able with a caster, and if you know the quests well on a melee.

Hunting up Adamantine Ore and/or Soul Gems: Essence of Earth can also be a good cash maker.

And of course there are epic scrolls and large ingredients, (again Amrath quests)

But on the flip side low level quests can have a super profitable return. So even at while low level the chance for profit is out there. Keep your running costs down and leveling can be profitable.

Mid levels… you can run the two other tomb quests. Chamber of Kourush and Rahmat. An Invis clicky or two find the end boss while keeping the alert down stopping to slay when only when needed. It takes a few mins for a fair chest, and a really good end reward. Run out check the blood stone chest hit the two quests pick up an end reward profit.

Okay there are a few tips. Have some you want to add? Use the comments.

One thought on “Solo Profits

  1. Lol! I found out a couple weeks ago just how fast the Astrologer and Physician can be done. I decided I wanted to do Wiz-King but wanted the seals. So I hit the Sands running and entered them and did exactly as you mentioned. Invis and Haste. Both tombs completion time, 1 minute each. I don’t normally zerg but it’s good to know I can in a pinch 🙂

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