A tail of 2 Shrouds

I have ran two different Shroud runs since flagging. The first as I said last post was good but came about from a Shroud leader (lets call him DIUC) not taking my TR Clr hybrid as a dps roll. I understand his group and all but it was a normal Shroud. Come on people.

The second started out the same way. When I noticed I was off timer I hit the LFM panel and started looking. There was one group just starting, already had 2 healer types a rogue and a caster type. I took off out of Reaver’s Refuge and hit JOIN!

After a min I get a tell “Interesting Build?”

I reply “My Clr life TR build, think of me as dps and we are good.”

A min later and I thought I was about to get left on hold. I would rather be declined then left on hold. And I get a follow up tell “That makes since.” And I get the invite.

If takes a min to finish filling, and then we had a drop just as we stepped in but we quickly got another body and got moving.

The leader informed us he was getting bad lag and that he might be a hair behind us. We knock out part 1 with little problems. Not a speed run, by any stretch but not slow. And almost dead silent.

We hop into part 2 and get moving. I make a few comments and start to move things along. As Dana sends a tell asking me to pike a DQ. And boom I get the star. The old leader apologizes but the lag is bad enough that he can’t lead and as I was the only other person that seamed to be willing to voice anything I got the star. And I went from ho hum Samius to pick it up lets get our ass moving Samius.

It was a fun part 2 also, Cat, Fire, Gnoll and Orc. Mobs ended up being fought a lot closer to the crystal then I would like but what the hell. We have a good caster at the rock. Cat dropped first. I told everyone to bust it. And then Fire dropped. Okay?? Getting a little worried now. Then boom part2 was done as Gnoll and Orc got away from each other enough to die.

Part 3 was a normal/easy run solved 1 puzzle, lowered the way to the water. Have I said Manyshot is good yet? If not it is great. Moving along, ran 4 waters so yep normal run.

We buff and jump in to part 4, so close to a one rounder. I can’t seem to get everyone to dump extra mana in to Harry but the dps is going all out all ready. Second round he is dead as the green rays just start to hit him.

I asked if we needed to kite for anyone or can we surround the gnoll and beat down. The Healer chimes in that he would like us to kite. I always like to make the healers happy if I am going to count on them to keep me alive. So we kite.

Kill Harry take his Scales (Did I say I am 2 for 2 on scales this life 🙂 ) and move on to a quick DQ (For xp even!)

I don’t know about you but this second Raid leader ( I will call him Cal), Cal earned my willingness to go the extra mile, But simply asking me about my build when he didn’t understand it, and counting on me to act in the role I said I could handle. He gets added to my list as a good leader, even though he didn’t really lead the group. For that and for knowing when to step back and find someone else to lead when he couldn’t.

The First leader (DIUC) I talked about last post has been added to my list of not to join his group list. Yep once and done. My game time is too short to sit in queue because some one can’t decline me. Or trust me to handle the role I said I would handle.

Oh well..

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