A fine weekend.

So I finally ground out the last bit of xp to level to 18. Dear god, level 17 is pure pain. And I like the shroud pre quests. But some of them are not melee solo friendly, but at least they are not impossible like Fleshmaker. And as soon as I get them all soloed, my wife was in the mood for some ddo and I got to do them all again.

But I want to share a few notes about this weekend.

Shroud snobs vs ToD. Do you know it is easier to get into a ToD as dps then in a shroud with a x/6/3 clr/ranger/monk build? It is true. As soon as we flagged. Tobril jumped on to his FvS and we threw up a shroud. Looking around we noticed that the was another group up looking for 3 more. I sent a tell and I was told to have everyone hit the lfm. Okay we hit the lfm, the wife gets in and lets them know that 2 more guildies were hitting. And I get a tell back “Sorry we need DPS”. I reply with we are dps. And sit and wait. And never hear another word. So instead we reform and start to form our own lfm again. Fill our Icons were 4 Clrs, 1 FvS, 2 Sorc, 1 wiz, and a mix of melee classes. And we were a hair short of a one rounder. I think if every one fully dumped their mana it would have been a one rounder. But I know we had some not English speakers, and they held back.

ToD is crazy xp and good times if your in the right group. I think I got like 25k and got an extra Trophy of War. No one was whining or bitching about anything. And twice Horth ran over to the group because his tank “forgot” to intim. And got to roll on a great ring for my TR lives, but lost the roll to another.

Abbot is still fun times. If you haven’t ran the Abbot raid yet because you have hear something you don’t like about the raid, or you don’t like the flagging quests. Get over it, and give it a try. Last run on Samius I won the roll on a Quiver of Alacrity. It is a huge boost for bow damage. And it has the largest capacity available (I think..). And Java is on his way to his 20th.

And finally I got to solo Epic Claw. I tagged along with Fopo as he ran through once and now I am 100% with As4 00 solo and 0% solo with Samiusbot. I think more and more I like the 2 levels of rogue. No scrolls but I got a seal to match a shard I already have.

All and all it wasn’t a bad weekend.

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