Twenty Today, One Tomorrow

So last night I was able to hit the last hand full of quests I needed to finish up my clr life. Even knocked out an epic with little more then running to bank grabbing a pair of Epic brawling gloves and shrining to pick up BB and heal.

My stun (blow) DC is 32ish. And I know that is low, but worked really well while leveling all the way up to elite Reaver’s quests. But I had to see how well that low of a DC worked in the “baby” epics. I would say out of the 13-15 times I tried it I stunned 3-4 guys. So not real reliable but a fine tool for “lets try and go stun a epic caster”, and a great tool to have while leveling up.

Plans, aka what is next?

Well right now I want to hit a few more House D epics. And then see where my House D favor is sitting at maybe shooting to 150 and restocking up on arrows. Then I will be hurling my body upon a bonfire and resetting to level 1. But I am not 100% sure what live to live. Bard or Monk.

If I do my monk life I know I can solo as much as I need, mostly because I will be rocking my Bowonk build. But I won’t be alone this life. Okay not totally alone anyway. Tobril, Fopo, and my wife are all planing to tag along. As well as we hope to be getting to know a new guildie who is on newb probation. I have high hopes that he will work out.

So with all these possible teammates that Bard life (that might not be as solo capable) sounds better and better. So now I need to build a bard. And see what sounds like fun.

Okay wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Twenty Today, One Tomorrow

  1. My DC is lower 30’s also but I get caster stuns almost on demand. Non-casters … well … Wait, what’s that! Haley’s Comet! (successful change of subject?)

  2. I’m already planning my TR and my pally is only lvl 18 with no hope of getting to 19 until I upgrade. I’ve been debating what class to take when she TRs, but I think I’m going for rogue. That way all of her future lives will eventually be able to pick locks and disarm traps.

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