A build forming 2: Stats?

So I have been talking about a build I have been kicking around, a 12/6/2 monk/ranger/x build. And if you don’t read the comments, you should because DarkSable has been making some good points and asking some better questions.

How would I layout the stats and how does the 2 splash levels effect the stats?

Let me start by saying, I like to TR. It is more likely that I would TR an older less played build into something new just to feel like I am doing something with that character vs leaving it sit longer unplayed. So a lot of my builds start at 34 points. But if you want to build something using my stats loosing 2 points shouldn’t be too hard. I don’t think I would build a stat heavy build with 28 points. Oh and I have no problems getting a +2 tome or six if I think the build would be aided by it/them. It is good to have guildies/friends that also sit on tomes making a swap easy.

Okay so 34 points Pally or Rouge: I am thinking 16, 15, 14, 10(12), 14(12), 10. All positive numbers. Tomes in order of importance Dex, Int, Str, Con, maybe the others. Oh and these stats are on a Human/Helf depending on how you roll. I also added () to show How I might tailor points for a few more skills.

34 points on the fighter: Either the same or if human I could loose 2 Int to boost Chr and still have skill points.

So before I get in to Skills (I think tomorrow) let me talk a little about how I think/plan my stats.

1, 14 is my bottom number for Con. And often my top depending on race. If we are talking Dwarfs or Warforged 16-18 is easily doable. Other races need a good reason to dip that deep into the point pool for a few HP.

2, What roles do I plan to handle and what stats do I need to support those tasks. If I am melee first, then I need as much str as I can afford with out killing my secondary roles. Caster first then I need my casting stats at their maxim.

3, What secondary jobs need stats/ and number of skill points to support them. If I am going trapper then I need 2/4 skill points per level to support those skills. Add in UMD and now we are talking 2 more… A basic plan for leveling is also needed here because we might be able to use less Int if we can plan our skills along our levels and allow us to move by full ranks.

Guess that is the big three. I think tomorrow we can talk about skills.

2 thoughts on “A build forming 2: Stats?

  1. I’m baaaack. 😛

    Since you’re going with monk / ranger, here’s what I would do. I would take one feat (optional), to make bows be a ki weapon. Then I would pump dexterity and use whatever it’s called so that dex is what you use to determine attack rolls.

    Unless you go with pally, I’d advise to not put anything into cha, and up int a little for skills.

    Looking at this build, I would do either halfling or dwarf; do halfling if you take the pally levels, dwarf if you take the fighter or rogue levels.

    Seeing as you have tomes, then you should be okay, but one thing… If you do go pally, take the points off of Int and Wiz, and put them into Cha; that’s an extra +2 to all saves right there, +5 with a cha item.

    Depending on what past life feat you get, and if you take the active one, then that’s gonna change your stats around a little. For a monk past life, I would say 14/16/14/10/12/14 for a halfling pally, or 14/16/16/14/14/6 for a dwarven rogue.
    Also, I’m presuming you’re putting all level up stats into str? If not, then you can play with these a lot more.

  2. Welcome back DarkSable,

    I have gotten the build I will be making laid out now.

    keep an eye out for what I think will become a very fun build.

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