A build forming 2: Reply?

Let it never be said that I don’t read my replies. And I got a good one for “A build forming” and I want to address DarkSable, has he could be correct.

“your saves are already gonna be killer form the monk; I would go with either 14 monk or 8 ranger. If you really do want silly high saves, go with the 2 pally, but I wouldn’t think anything else would be worth it.“


I thought of both 14 monk or 8 ranger but here is the thing what does those levels really do for you? Lets look at the break down.

14 monk vs 12 monk. +1 BAB, +1 all saves, Diamond Soul for a SR of 24, more slow fall, no more damage, no more AC, No more move speed.
To me the monk power curve as many false tops. Or should I say many plateaus. There are just so many levels of ho hum, between great plateaus, I can’t build into a ho hum level.

8 ranger vs 6 ranger, +2 BAB +1 will save, Imp Wild Empathy, and a 2nd level spell (what + bark skin?).

2 Pally vs 0 Pally +2 BAB, +3 Fort Save, Smite evil(1),LoH(1), Divine Grace (+x to all saves X = Chr bonus; +6 item = +3 to all), Intim as a class skill

2 rouge vs 0 rouge +1 BAB, +3 Ref savem d6 sneak attack, Trap Finding(might be okay if there are points for search/disable but never super high) UMD & Intim as class skills as a huge starting pool if skill points, attack speed boost(E).

2 fighter vs 0 fighter +2 BAB, 3 Fort, 2 feats, attack speed boost(E), +1 str(E), +1 stunning blow(E)

I hope this helps you see my mental balancing act.

One thought on “A build forming 2: Reply?

  1. I personally don’t care for the sneak attack; but yeah, I see where you were going with that.
    I would say that the pally is probably the way to go except for one thing; how are your stats gonna be distributed? Cuz monks already need high scores in 4 stats, and adding pally adds a 5th, if you wanna get the most out of it.
    As it was, I was completely thinking about that when I was writing my comment; it seemed tricky, because those extra two levels really didn’t help on either main class.

    Keep in mind that if you do go with rogue for traps or fighter for intimidate that monk has a whole lot of needed skill points, so you’re not gonna be able to fill everything you want to. – Unless you add something to your INT, providing even more of a stat sink. :/

    I would say that this build looks good, but here’s the thing; you’re gonna want at least a couple past life feats, and the extra stats that come with. It may not seem like much, but +2 build points make a HUGE difference for something as thinly spread as this. (Plus the monk taken feat would help a lot.)

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