A build forming

For months now I have had a possible build stuck in my brain. Rattling around in side my skull. Only showing itself to me in pieces.

This is the main build points.

12 monk = = Abundant Step, 2d6, Improved Evasion.
6 ranger = = Most of the TWF feats, 2 Favored Enemies, Manyshot.
2 pally or
rouge or = = saves or skills or more feats.

Probably not a WF, So this build can use the Garments of Equilibrium to boost the fist damage more. Saves should be solid. Damage… 2d8+ wraps (normally Vamp Stonedust ) + rings. Hp..not bad. And intim should be high. Not top of the line but again very solid.

I am trying to figure if this build is good enough to go ahead and build. I know that the 6/3/x ranger/monk /clr build so far is good but the damage is a little light unless I switch to special wraps.

Sound off if you want to as always.

One thought on “A build forming

  1. your saves are already gonna be killer form the monk; I would go with either 14 monk or 8 ranger. If you really do want silly high saves, go with the 2 pally, but I wouldn’t think anything else would be worth it.

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