Do I really need Rogue Skills?

So Samius has been at level 17 for a few days now. The last few days xp per minute has been a little low. Mostly do to wanting to get all ready to jump into ToD. Twenty thousand in xp a run more or less? Yes please. Anyway all that is beside the point. The point is 20 is in range again, meaning time to start planing out the next life.

I had planned on doing a fighter life next, allowing me to keep the same 11/6/3 layout for leveling. But I have been thinking about the bard “free” past life feat. Bonus to will saves sound real nice. It bothers me to fail a hold person/monster and hope/pray I break free before they beat me to death.

So I am mentally forming a plan. Please keep in mind I mostly build for soloing/leveling up and not the end game build. So this is my plan for levels 1 to 7.

Bard then Fighter then a lot of bard levels. Picking up the feat requirements for Warchanter. And the past live clr feat. On a Horc frame thinking of stats like 20 10 14 12 8 12. Yes. I know I am doing the bard life for a bonus to saves and I don’t have any wisdom…. never said I was consistent.

So the question is, should this build push back the first tear of the pre by taking rouge at one? With a 12 Int bard would give 7 skill points a level. One for concentration, one for umb… search, disable, are both 2… so I guess I could fit it in..

What do you all think?

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