In which your hero flags for Abbot

I was very clear with the guild. I was going to flag for the Abbot raid this weekend and suck all the xp I could from Litany of the Dead. Saturday rolls a round. No guildies.

Well I could pug it out, read loose 10% and probably be forced to babysit all day. Or solo it all myself.

So I decided to go for it solo on normal. I know I could handle it on solo diff. But I am going for xp here.

Running threw the quest is not hard. Answering all the black dragon’s questions can be. Thankfully answers are in a few places. I like the wiki myself. It has all the answers grouped by boss. In fact the only thing I would like to see changed would be highlight the key words in the line to spot to speed up looking for the right answer.

A2: I would stand by his side as he brought Stormreach to its knees. (Evil)

Anyway I was off to slay Mentau the Flesh Maker. His dungeon is fairly smooth. A few doors but you don’t have to find any keys or stand in a anti magic sphere for 20 secs or any thing. Just kill to the end hit 3 runes and pull a lever. I got a weird bit a lag and was throne up to a ledge were I could range Mentau and not have to worry about healing in his bubble. I couldn’t duplicate this leap if I tried a hundred times. But it made this fight a manyshot fest. No named loot or any thing of real value other then something like 20k xp in 20/25 min, man I love this quest.

Next Vol, Again it was a simple kill and dash. I shaved off my quest completion time to 11 mins. Now to see if he is the fastest boss. It takes about 5 mins to get to Vol and 2-3 to beat him down. My biggest waist of time was running past a key and having to back track. But a clear winner in time to complete. Still no loot.

Chilthulzz, This guy has the tendency to be a real pain. But I have gear for that. I have gathered no slip booties, a beholder necklace as well as two silver flame ones. It is good to be a TR, but I wont make a third necklace most of the time they just sit in the TR bank until I need them then they sit in the real bank. Lets see what else…. Wretched Twilight, a ghost touch granting cloak with a beholder proof blur. My light bright wraps from the Mabar event and a silver long bow. Oh and we can’t forget the Torc, and a Chr ring, with them on I have 6 bursts from radiant servant and as long as I can cast lots of life.

I was asked how I was able to do this. So here it is. I spawned Chili. And moved to a corner where there was some land/ice. And watched charges on the necklaces switching as needed. As I switched to the last silver flame I ran to the other corner and began to range. As he was mostly dead from a good fisting, and manyshot and just a hair longer got him. Thankfully monk and the burst healing all works in beholder anti-magic. And if you get far enough away Chili stays away and lets to stay healed with mana. And tasty ham. Chili was the longest and most stressful of the bosses so far. Again no loot.

Cinnis was fairly simple. I made a pair of X3 water booties, 30 cold resist, Hp, Ice guard, crushing wave. So as long as I was Dwed and able to heal with bursts and fists. Cinnis is just a big training dummy that gets foggy and sometimes knocks you down. Again no loot.

Each time I run Litany I pick up speed until I am down to about 8 mins to completion. I run normal 13 times. Going between Vol and Cinnis. Never getting any loot. But I had a loot gem and an xp pot running so vendor trash was good.

Hard and Solo (didn’t bother with optionals on not normal) were not bad but Elite was a trip, . I wasn’t paying attention to my con damage fighting the mini boss. I tried to run around the room helpless until I got some con back. But he got me. Thankfully I had a stack of rez cakes left from the PAX hat giveaway. So I picked myself up and finished him. But I was mostly tapped out at that point. Jumped into the ambush pulled the lever and hunted undead. But I was across the room and I noticed that the level was reset? Okay get it repulled, I must have not pulled it. I started to notice it had been a long time with no green signal. Looked and the lever was of again. Damn the undead must turn it off on elite. So I worry about just holding the level from now on and that seemed to do the trick. Clear all the mobs from the ambush to the jumb down. Top off rage and go…. Down, Down, fail to save 110 points of damage, Down, fail to save, fail to save, (can’t take another hit) Down and made it! Hit the spikes and fail die. 😦 Again I turn to my stack of cakes. Big xp.

So there is xp aplenty for a level in Litany first life anyway. Maybe a first tr life also. But not a 2+ tr. But it was at least 3 ranks maybe 4. It was great fun, a good balance between challenge and xp.

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