Update 9 and my PMs

So I found a change I don’t care for in the update 9 notes. Not something so major I would have a hissie fit over but something that makes me go. Oh No! That was cleaned up from what I would really say, just so you know, and can replace “Oh No” with what ever bad word/s you have heard me say. 🙂

Want to know what it is? I know you do, I have been swamped with questions/comments wanting to know what would be come the PM nerf.

Shroud of the Lich’s prerequisites have been changed to: Level 18 Wizard, Wizard Pale Master III, Toughness, 66 Action Points spent. Any characters that currently possess Shroud of the Lich will possess Shroud of the Vampire, which replaced it at level 12.

Yep, thats it. Lich is now level 18/ PM3.

It is sad, as Lich is one of the best reasons to become a PM. The bonuses to offense capabilities are top notch. +2 int and necro dcs. But the Defenses are amazing. A big bonus to con for Hp now, and a fair shot when hit to get temp Hp. It is the whole package.

Sure double light damage hurts. As does dieing when you hit 0 Hps. But they are nothing compared to how late in life you get Lich form now.

I guess the up side is PM 3 is really really good now. I hope the incoming healing feom Vamp form will be ½ as good as all the Hp lich form granted. Guess we will know in a few weeks.

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