A smexy/painful ETTT

So last night the DG (Defense Guild) gets all currently on line members together to knock out the normal “we have an hour or two” epics, Bargain and Tide Turns.

We pick up a few puggers and Fopo and get started. 2 or 3 of get started while the rest of the group makes their way to the quest. With little problems. Tobril Dcs a few times, making me herd the group or watch as my buffs count down. Hence we start caster and a monk (Fopo).

Bargain was not bad. Tobril was playing his WF barb so I got to scroll repair him. But I started the night with 75 or so scrolls no problem. Oh, also I was able to loot the chest after dancing the water eles, for a seal of Jidz, completing my list to epic one of my Jidzs. I will save that debate for tomorrow I think.

Anyway, afterwards we head to TTT. Tobril and I step in. Haste, Rage, and Gh Tobril and we are off. Yep once again we are not waiting for puggers. We get the Npcs in the fight and get moving. No problem.

We do have a death as our healer is having a hard time keeping Tobril’s barb healed with his jumping around, taking massive amounts of damage and what not but that was while I had pulled out the First Mate so I am not 100% of the details. But we are making good time.

Until the first trap. Everyone begins to carefully move threw the trap. And the box becomes visible. Sweet, we have a rouge! I know I should care about party make up.. but as long as everyone is killing (and this rogue was) why do I care? So I stand and wait. No reason to risk a lag death, when I can wait a sec and not have to risk anything.

Boom! 5Millon points of damage! And 3 people are dead, including me.

Okay maybe I should have moved along….

No big, get a raise, as the rouge explains that she swapped into the wrong goggles. No problem.

I risk lag death as I move to threw the second trap, but I don’t have any problems. And I turn to take with my son.

Boom! 5Millon points of damage! I think we had 3 or 4 losses, again including me. Guess the rouge failed to disarm…

Again we get up, and buffed and move along.

Lighting traps….

Hell no, I yell over mic, and every one busts into laughter. But the rogue to her credit, while laughing disarms the traps.

Then the hard door. The one with the sorc, the spirit caller and all the drow… I get a mass off and start my charge into the room to dance the caller and boom. Comet fall for 100 points or so over my max Hp… Reallty? When did to night become kill Samius? Well I know when. When we invited Fopo to run with us, thats when.

So I get resed again. And we clear the hall. All the way up to the exit, the rouge disables the traps. And we shrine. Kill our way to the end. But as we head below I see a drow archer running up from below. But we are going in to the last room no big deal.

The boss fight went smoothly, even though I had to repair Tobril again but what the heck I have 10 scrolls.. What? 10? Well I have been toping him off all night but I should have more then 10? Well fine I can use Sp if I need to.

Clearing the final room… I have 300 or so sp via a few little pots and my spell storing ring. Should be enough for the final room.

Go in and mass. Every one saves. No way. Fine. Hold Person, Hold Monster. Dance a Elie. Die from the drow arrows and a volley of ice ray from the other ellie. Then another pugger drops. Then the wife (our healer) then Tobril. I bellow retreat. Some how tobril gets a rez and he is the only one to make it out.

He starts drinking pots, and was able to get Fopo picked up and runs him to the shrine. After a min Fopo is up and Tobril is running back as Fopo shrines.

Ding. Tobril dies. We hear how there is an archer. Be careful. But Fopo stuns it and kills it quickly. Doesn’t hurt that he is at max thanks to a mediating. We all get raised again and I drink 3 or 4 little pots to get to 300 or so mana again toggle my heighten feat. And we clear the room with ease. I want to blame that near wipe on the heighten bug.

But even threw out everyone was in good spirits and laughing and having a good time. It was a pug that gives me hope for doing more pugging. It was a good time and everyone rolled with the punches. Oh and 2 good shards dropped. The Jidz and the Elyd Edge.

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