My Epic Jidz.

I believe I said I would share a little bit of my internal debate on what to do with my Epic Jidz. So here is the deal. I have everything I need to build an Epic Jidz and a few characters that I could use it on. And possible ideas for those builds.

So Samius is using a jidz a far amount of time now but that is mostly for leveling. Once he doesn’t spend a lot of time a cap lately and when he does get to the point where is will be hanging out there he will be using that slot for his cordOp. So he is an easy no.

Javabot is sitting at cap and for a long time this is where I just assumed I would put them. But lately I have become less pleased with his dps and I am thinking of TRing him in to a full Monk or WF. It is strange half of his gear would make him a good candidate for a monk. At the same time he has some gear that would scream a melee caster of some kind. Something not unlike how Gemstone is built.

I also have Samyus that can us a little love. He is a human wiz/ranger/monk that still need to be caped. And SamiusJr , my monk, also needs to be ran to cap. Or any number of arcane or divine casters that use robes and have no real ac but can use the +8 from bracers or the +1 wisdom and the epic slots.

As always there are so many options I can’t really decide. But the main question is can I use them on Javabot even if I tr him in to a FvS? And how would I slot them for his as a FvS and how would I slot them for X build and Y build. And what can I do with them now that doesn’t hurt those plans. Because you never know how you might lean in a year.

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