A Little Frustrating.

Something of late that I am finding to be a little frustrating is playing with none TRs while leveling my TR. Its not their skill or anything. It is being told how I am holding their character up. Let me explain.

Samius has about 2.5 millon xp, putting him squarely in the first rank of level 16. Considering that he was level 15 on Friday and I got about 20-25 epics runs in I would say that is a fairly good weekend. I earned somewhere in the ball park of 75k on Saturday and Sunday.

But the thing is since I end up playing alone most of the time. So I end up doing a lot of the same quests on Normal. But when my leveling team logs on, and is ready to help. They end up banking lots of xp, wanting to level up but waiting for me. And/Or getting burned out on the level of quests I have to do, trying to say around at level or one above the quest. And lets not talk about wanting to farm out some peace of gear, like the Dragontouched armor. According to my xp plan I need to be at least level 17 before heading in to those quests.

Anyway I had a good time. Oh and I failed to 3 man Reaver at level 15, but I can’t get a raid group to run it somewhere near level. I will have to try to take sign up via the forms I guess.

Okay see you all tomorrow.

One thought on “A Little Frustrating.

  1. It is ok, next TR, you will have a couple TRs along for the ride. Even thou they will be first time TRs, still better than non-TRs.

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