Shaping up into a Great Weekend.

Oh this weekend is shaping up into a real good time. My wife is talking to me again (don’t ask), Tobril’s girl is out of town and he is not on call, I don’t foresee any major time sinks other then playing Ddo and taping a Cocktail Hour. Well maybe I will ask my wife to the movies to go see Limitless, but Abbott/Reaver/Shroud flagging also sounds like good times.

So we have a solid 3 or 4 Defense Guild people ready to run me as far up to cap as possible. Two quick levels and I can play with the big boys again.

This is a great time to sit and play some Ddo. +1 loot, a large stack of xp and loot boosts thanks to the Pax hat code (Ty Stiner), level 15 is getting back into some of the quests I have always found to be the more fun and hell if everything goes smooth I might even pug a few slots or maybe get into a raid or two.

In other words I have high hopes for the weekend.

Lets see how I feel about the weekend come Monday morning.

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