Having a Brain Fart

So I have started and stop todays post 3 or 4 times. Each time I have started I have tried to write a new post I have swapped topics and got I don’t know a few lines of content and run out of steam. So today scatter shot.

I have been on the TR grind for the last few weeks. And the last few nights I have taken a kind of break from Xp by knocking out a few epics. I have a ton of Cove Items to slot up. And last night I logged off after an hour or so.

Some times you need a break, a change of pace as it where. So now that I took some time off it is back to XP per hour baby. Back to Giant Hold.

Drama: So Tobril and I have gotten in to some drama. While on my break we ran BoB and Tide on Epic over and over (other epics as we felt like it). First one then the other, and swap Pcs and post a new Lfm. The first few runs we just take whoever. But soon we noticed a trend. At least one pugger per run was not a helper. And we hit myDdo and we noticed a pattern. People loaded up with cove epic items and lacking other important items/stats, like Hps and fort. So he posted a comment.

Believe me folks. All the gear in the world wont make you great if your skill level is shitty. If you need help, say something. Most people will try to help you out. If they don’t you don’t want to play those people.

If you are missing gear or need something explained, ask for help.

Okay that is plenty for today. I hope tomorrow my muse is a little more helpful.


2 thoughts on “Having a Brain Fart

  1. :O people actually use myddo?
    but it’s still buggy, isn’t it?
    My level 18 is showing as a level 6, with crappy gear cuz it took the image when I was experimenting.

    • I know use myDdo when I notice that someone might be slowing the group down.

      It can be a good tool, as long as you remember that myddo is not 100% and that gear is not everything.

      But a few minutes looking some one up vs adding them to the the “friends list” with a less the positive comment might help to understand what is happening and might allow others to help pick up the slack.

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