The Ugly Truth

I don’t have ALL the answers. I know. Go ahead and keep on disbelieving. I am willing to be a minor god in your eyes. But that really is the ugly truth, I don’t have all the answers right the second you ask me. I may have to do that “research thing” to learn the answer.

Why am bringing this up? I was asked about a building a melee wizard/monk with the new undead forms.

You know I never found a good way to feel like a wizard and add monk levels and do good melee damage. Sure I can use rouge and get fair damage in melee mode. But monk levels and wraps? My TR layout is 3 monk/ 6 ranger/ 11x with my main weapon as wraps so how come I can’t get behind a 18/2 wiz/monk? I thing it all comes down to stats and feats BAB.

Lets look at my 2nd life wiz/rog stats:
Strength 14
Dexterity 8
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 13
Charisma 8

So do these stats say monk? Not to me…. Not enough str or con and where is the dex for the two weapons chain? But I guess you could use an staff but doesn’t that remove the reasons for a cool monk splash?

Feats: This is my basic layout for feats for a Wiz.

Power Attack (can be a monk bonus)
Extend Spell
Toughness (can be a monk bonus)
Maximize Spell
Spell Focus: Necromancy
Insightful Reflexes
Heighten Spell
Spell Focus: Necromancy
Quicken Spell
Empower Spell
Past Life: Arcane Initiate
(Past Life) Past Life: Wizard

I guess we have two bonus feats. So if we did get our stats up enough we have a few open feats for twf and Itwf. But our BAB will never be good enough to get Gtwf.

Now I am not saying that we can’t make something work just it starts to loose wizard levels and picks up fighter or Ranger levels and by then you turn to a melee/caster and less of a caster. I love those builds too. But they are not Wizards. I will share with you Samyus or Javabot some time, they have a Wiz symbol but are melee builds. No really.

One thought on “The Ugly Truth

  1. Take a look at moving the Wisdom 13 to Dex. Then as a Helf, take the Rogue Dilly which will get you up to 3d6 of sneak attack. Then do 2 lvls of monk instead of rogue. Held monsters take sneak attack damage if I remember correctly (it is early, may be wrong), so you hold em them beat them with hand wraps. In the new Vampire form, you will be doing puncturing damage when possible and healing yourself at same time.

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