The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change are once again with us. And we all know what that means, DOOOoooM. Well odds are that is the impression you would get if you looked at the forums for any amount of time. So yep once again I crawl in to my doom shelter and get ready to weather the storm. Can you tell I live in Kansas with imagery like that?

Lets take a quick look at what is on the list for today.

Acid Rain – Release Notes Correct? Will Acid Rain become the new Wall of Fire? Maybe I hope you have your 30 acid item already. Okay maybe a less doom in the original post then the follow up posts. But I have never seen Ghoste go full on doomie on us. Cooler heads and all that. But some of the math being stated …. wow. I have always liked Acid Rain, and its little brother Acid Arrow but if this math pans out I might have to leave my wife and marry Acid Rain. Or at least see about a threesome. Come on baby you, me and Acid Rain. You know it will burn just right.

New spells makes existing Wizard upset. We we have a few new spells. Looks a lot like Acid Arrow but doing cold or electric damage. But there are no scrolls for these new spells, DOOOOOom. Come on we all know that scrolls for new spells will be in chests. Get a character in to the right level range for the and be happy when your scrolled. Oh looks like these new spells are level 5, good to know.

The last one for today.

Multiclass casters and enhancements not using the proper class levels change. This change will not kill multi-classed builds. Well maybe it will hurt those so deeply splashed they are almost built around using a loop hole in how some abilities were working. Do I like this change? Yes and no. It is hard to see a few fun builds get “nerfed” to death. But at the same time if this opens the way for us to get the Practiced Spell caster feat and/or a way to get some Mystic Theurge like builds to work I am game.

All right guys, always it is only a doomy out as you want it to be.

Will there be changes you don’t like? Yep.

And I bet there is a long list of ones I won’t/don’t like on the way.

But I bet there will still be a game once they are here. And I bet update 10 will also be full of Dooom and gloom.

One thought on “The Winds of Change

  1. Agree with the view point… Remember all of the dooom talk with the WpP change, or TWF change… or how about the auto-crit on paralize or devotion items stacking with scrolls? still might not like some of the changes, but there are other good changes that are getting over looked…

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