Complete and Total Indifference

So U19 is right around the corner and some of my friends are so excited that they took the week off to rock it hard. Me I am just not all that excited and also I have a trip to Phoenix for work that will cause me to miss out on the first week high drop rates. I think at least some of my apathy for this update is due to the enchantment pass and the build shake up.

Cut to people asking me about build advice? Long story short; I don’t have answers. Yet.

But I will.

So I have been looking at builds (Vault, main forums, emails, etc) and I have been looking at the ddowiki for details of the enchantment pass. And I see a nice trend where we might have a lot of multiclass builds running around.

On the other had I see a lot X monks, 5+ fighter, 2 druid builds using axes centered builds and o wonder how many other really solid builds or out there…

But something that I don’t know if everyone has noticed or not yet but Helfs get a arcane spell fail reduction line which is real nice. I could see a heavier armored arcane tank make a come back at least for me. And that makes me happy.

Guess the point is please keep asking me those questions helping you will drive me to look at things and that might get me excited about the change. Maybe.