134 mins, Slow and Steady Completes the Quest

Last night after watering the plants and doing some light reading I logged in with the goal of rocking the rest of the DQ flagging quests. I grab a hire, Luna the Halfling Fvs and head out to Chains of Flame.

Now Samiusbot is not what I would call super geared up, but he is on his way. I know Chains is a long quest for the xp and doing it solo on a not real dps alt will make it even longer but I figure an hour or so maybe a little longer. My Slaver’s Hand Crossbow is not amazing dps but the Epic Storm is so much slower that they are about the same vs trash.

Pew Pew Pew

Did you know that epic Hard Chains of Pain is filled with traps? I did, but I don’t have the quest down like I do a lot of other quests.  So there was lots of oh snap there is a trap here, move move move! Luckily I tried to keep myself healed up and fire shielded so most of the “Surprise your on Fire!” traps weren’t too bad. Took me about an hour to get to the first shrine. I was tapped out but the hire was in good shape, she like a real person didn’t like to heal a robot. But she and I had a good working relationship when I was rocking some of the other epics solo… Maybe she was just mad at me…

At the 90ish min mark the wife says she is hungry and goes to make food. It is not something I can eat with out cheating on my diet so I start thinking I should find a save place to take an afk. But I press on.

She returns and asks if I am ready to watch a show with her. I say I just want to finish this quest atm and that is when she realizes I am still in chains I am about at the 2-hour mark. So we keep the Netflix at my desk running for a while. About the time I clear to the end fight she is done waiting which is fine I am mostly trying to stand some place safe with auto attack on auto charging my rune arm/firing it off and forcing the hire to heal with mass heal. So I am not super busy.

Finally clear the bosses and the trash that followed me. I have to clear a few more caster trash mobs that didn’t follow me as I back peddled to the ladders on my way to the chest and the orb… 43k xp….

But one more until I am DQ flagged by the weekend. See if I can do the next one on eNormal with out breaking my streak, otherwise I foresee talking about some of my anger issues in tomorrows post.