Incites from a Hard Shroud (WF barb)

So before throwing my WF barb on the tree of become a helf Saturday afternoon I got in a hard shroud group. Now Darth was fresh level 20 wf barb all str and con he didn’t have the best gear but he was this run away from a TR so who cares…

P1 was great, the clr aura was enough to counter my frenzies. I didn’t have an uber portal beater but I was hitting for 70ish on the first number + the trailing frenzy dice so I was a helper. There was some talk about me being light on HPs vs the other barb in the group think he had like 100 more then me but as he had 2or3 epic levels I felt fairly good on that number still I was around 700 hp, more then plenty for a hard shroud.

Pt2 was also fun I was able to solo down one of the 4 bosses before everyone else had knocked down the other three. Looking at life totals I went to help on the one that that had the next highest HP after nocking down my rages. Don’t need the agro from 2 bosses when it comes time to split. Every thing worked out well as the 2nd guy was prepped as the other teams finished up their mobs. And we all split with no issues.

Pt3 I got to learn the frenzy doesn’t help with throwing damage ☹. Never needed to range on my barb before. Just be happy that I thought ahead enough to bring a thrower. Ended up only solving 1 puzzle as I had no way to open doors, but ran 3 or 4 waters. Barbs are fast. ☺

Pt4 we had issues, make that I had issues, Harry came down and I went all out and I started to notice that the heals were a little slower then I would like and for a lot less then I was cool with. I tried a few secs with my DoD on but that wasn’t enough. So I swapped out to my fleshmaker docent hoping the guards would speed things up or the extra amp would be enough to pull threw but a big meteor storm came in while we waited for healing and both of the groups barbs went down. So my 100 less hps did the same as the other barb. The group thought they were going to have to go to 3 rounds but the dots carried things over and we won in two.

Pt5 was also fun as I took out 2 or the 4 bosses again more or less alone. Think I everyone else was handing out buffs and whatnot. Because once we get started on the main man again I notice we only have 3 main dpsers. Myself, the other barb and a fighter or at least we are the only 3 trying to surround Harry. And again the heals are slow…. But with three people you can’t move out because if there is a hole Harry will take it and kill someone. But twice I got dropped and once the other bard also. The SD fighter didn’t have a ton of problems with hps…. Wonder why???

But even so things where fast it wasn’t a world speed record but it was not overly long either. When for shards of power to be able to make a few items while leveling but the whole raid was shard skunked and after that run I didn’t feel like trying again so I just completed. Chains or Arrowheads in the chests, nothing uber by any means, however I did get a scale in the end reward list so not a waist of time. Just makes things even more clear that WF are not worth playing right now unless your selfhealing.


Did You Stand Around and Wait for Me?

Yes folks, I am back from Gen Con. I seem to have made it back in one piece and I am back working hard at work; or is that hardly working and writing a my.ddo post for you all…..

I could talk about Gencon but if you go to you can hear about the first few days of the con. If you do you will get to hear from a lot of other people besides just me. Aka worth it.

So to day I want to talk about something I feel is strange raiding for xp.

With the addition of the epic levels it is super hard to find a raid group on Sarlona that is raiding for xp. It seems to me that everyone is letting 21+ people even if it is 10 guys at level 20 and lower there is almost always at lest one level 21+ guy in the group.

Well last night I thought I might have gotten lucky. There was a pug forming a shroud raid that really only had 19s and lower in the group. With 7 people already in the group I jumped in thinking that I would get a nice tasty boost this life after all. Before epic levels I could count on 200k xp from raiding fairly easily.

I was guy number 8 or 9 by the time I was allowed in and I hit the boat super fast and made my way to the raid. There is all of one guy standing around out side of the quest. And lots of talk about making it X fair this time and reforming and what not… But no one on voice but me it seems.

Before long I notice health and SP bars dropping and I discover that the group is IP. Maybe I missed something while porting?

I asked and they are doing part one over and over until they fill. From the party chat I think that they are having issues…. And this is their 4th or 5th run and they have gotten the chests some of the runs…

Go up to 10. The guys in side start to recall post-winning part 1 and looting. Once out the leader again via the text box says that they will do part one again since they are still not full and disbands the group and starts a new Lfm.

Hmm, pass. I return to the dreaming dark chain and proceed to net a 1k+ a min for an hour or so before making a run to the store. I take a look at the lfm panel and guess who is still hunting for people to fill his Shroud raid…Yep same guy.

I understand not wanting to stand around a waste time while a raid fills. But expecting others to stand around and wait for you may not be the best plan either….