Elf Samius?

Okay before you all revolt with a title like Elf Samius I just want you to know while I am debating on a race change… spoiler I don’t think I will. I do want to talk about my reasons and my logic behind it.

I said reasons but really there is just one for a race change on my wiz, PRR. I have gotten lucky enough to be in on some good groups for a lot of the EE Giant Hold quests and I have noticed a personal weakness by my lack of PRR. Now I use a shield so I get like 10 PRR. Weeeee! Oh boy, I take like 5% less damage. When something hits me for 300+ after my 10 DR and 5% PRR meaning I still need to heal real fast. Even twisting in Cocoon and slotting in the 114 devotion on my shield I am still running super low and having to hope to not get hit again while firing off a heal scroll. I can’t make 300+ dc checks to keep the spell if I get hit.

To add PRR I could swap into armor like the E Blue dragon hide or Scale. The scale would be a little more PRR over the hide and has a skin I like over the hide but brings with it an ASF of 25%. So if we slot -15% ASF augment gem I would still have to deal with 10%…. Enter the Elf/Helf as options as they can reduce ASF with enchantments points.

But I would lose the Evasion that makes the 18/2 rogue splash so good, even if right now my Reflex save is only in the mid 40s which Tobril says is crap in EEs atm…

Also looking at the DDowiki’s Enhancement Alpha Page  run down, I don’t want to loose all the HPs from the fat Halfling race post changes…  Wonder if I can splash in a bard level and take warchanter for some ASF reduction…

No at least until the enchantment pass I think I will just stay Fat Halfling, use the hide armor and pick an armor skin that doesn’t suck. 🙂

Oh one last thing assuming I did the math right… with my bab being like 10 the non bab buffed PRR for Hide is 7 and the Scale is 11… Buff that with a Tenser’s or Divine Power (clickies) and the difference is a little wider 12 vs 18 but still not worth loosing evasion.

Scale 10 + 14 + 11 = or about 82% damage taken – evasion

(DP) 10 + 14 + 18 = 42 = about 77%

Hide 10 + 14 + 7 = or about 83% damage taken keep evasion

(DP) 10+ 14+11 = 82%

Now if I can just get one of those +3 Int items so I can free up my body slot…


Back from Vacation

Yep I am back from vacation, from work not ddo. Although as part of my morning ritual at work is knocking out my ddo post for the day, I guess there was a little break from here as well. But I am back and ¾ a sleep, so lets go?

There are so many things to talk about, Ac, tanking, EDs a host of gear swaps but lets start with the most important, Samius.

Cleverly I TRed Samius right before the update, very helpful indeed. As I don’t need any of the new FR (Fracking Realms) on him right? Well at least not while leveling up along the TR train. I have been leveling Samius mostly solo and he is now level 10 almost 11. A few more levels and I can team up with Fopo to finish out this fighter life.

So the first level arty splash is working out super well. Full UMD and the enchant weapon buff is real nice as most of my early weapons are crafted and have no plus to help with the min level. Having master’s touch for when I go ranged bow, because I don’t have a ton of good Xbows at my fingertips, has also been real nice. Next level I get to start taking my fighter levels (yes I am now 9/1 monk/arty) and masters touch wont be needed any more, so a new first level spell will be needed…

Most quests have not been much harder solo then with two. Although I had to restart the pit on elite due to not having a death ward or a death block item on and failing on a slay living spell while doing an optional. Thankfully Fopo was in-group for voice so it was easy to blame him for distracting me…☺

I have been having issues with the Necro 2 chain, I need to make a ghost touch vamp wrap I guess… I would use the bracers for ghost touch and keep my current wraps in use, but I am getting over welmed and burning 5 times the needed resources and taking 10 times the time to complete those quests then it should. It is all because of incorporeal BS. Why doesn’t my ninja spy 1 incorporeal clickly help with that some?

Also I miss being able to go big ac at this level I should be mostly untouchable at this level. But going dodge because of the water stance bug is fairly helpful but I still feel a huge weakness that I normally don’t at this level.

My goal for the week is to hit 12 by Friday. I might not make it due to the extra time I am putting into Samyus, but that is a topic for another post.