Samius does Television

Well first off that is not 100% right, I mostly do Netflix but this is the session for the “fall” shows to fire up so lets run down what I have been watching and what I am looking forward to catching.

I have been keeping up with my normal summer shows, Covert Affairs, Suits (this season was super good), Breaking Bad…. But I have some new shows for me in the last few weeks.

Being Human UK – I normally find the UK tv to be more my style (humor/writing wise) and I find it is easier for me to watch as I don’t know the actors very often so I can more easily think of them in their role in the show vs them on other shows or their personal actions out side of the show.

The Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes, Yes it is a cartoon. And I say Hell Yeah! It is really good. Started watching it with the boy waiting on planes to and from GenCon and finished it over this last weekend in a Marvel mini marathon in my basement. And I ran to the computer to see how I could get the second session. But it took a year off for rebranding and a little artwork redesign to align with the movie universe a little better.

Sherlock, I did not get enough of this show. Netflix only has the first season which is 3 shows. But I see now that Amazon has the second on demand so hello!

Falling Skies, Just bought the second season on Google play and I am loving it. I was stocking piling the shows (as I like to watch 3-5 shows at once) on my DVR when it died and we had to get a replacement. Grrrr, so 23$ for 10+ hours of show think that is money well spent

The normal Storage War shows, I really like this season of SW: Texas. The cut the sloppy lady (? Do we call bad post ops ladies??) and repaised her with 2 ladies. A so so looking but simi smart girl and a hot very ditsy lady. And Bubba/ Ricky combo never fails to make me smile.

Oh and got handed a copy of the first season of Game of Thrones. I have to say I am fairly pleased. I am like 4 eps in and I have gotten the gist of what is going on and I like seeing lot of (old) faces again. Speaking of seeing faces I had to pull out the IMDB to put roles/names to so many of them. I turns out that they pulled heavily from that British casting pool that I loved because I don’t know them. But now they have a history and it is messing with my mental story. Also the Queen is Sara Connor! And the king is Bill from still standing! Two of my favorite lesser-known actor/actress….

As for other things, Mentalist is about to start up, as well as the normal sitcoms and Syfi has their new eps of there super Mondays and they have been good so far.

I will try that new show Revolution? That show where the power stops and the jump to 5 years later and how people have handled the fall out. This is getting long so let me just list a few shows on my radar. Arrow, Beauty and the Beast (wife), Elementary (House replacement I hope), Mob Doctor (looks like a maybe). And I need to see if there is some way to keep fresh on Doctor Who so I don’t get spoiled too hard by my Brit tweeps.

So that is more or less my Tv list. Am I missing anything? Extra points for shows on Netflix.

All According to Plan?

So today I called the company I ordered my new trike from and asked them “Where the frack is my bike?” I was told it would be here 4 or 5 days ago. And I am starting to wonder….

An hour later my wife sends me a text message that it would be here after lunch.

Get home, no bike so I start lunch, a 12 oz stake. What? I am a caveman. Stake is every time food, for me. ☺ Sit down and go to town and I hear the sounds of a truck in the yard.

Get the bike unboxed and the driver lets me know that he is glad I called the company as it has been on his truck for 4 days now waiting to be delivered but they refused to let him deliver it with out an appointment and they gave him the wrong number. Even this morning when I called and gave them my number they got it wrong and ended up calling my wife to make an appointment. Some people’s kids, I swear.

So I finish my lunch and ride to work. Should have just had a banana. Took me 10 mins to do maybe 2 miles. Once I got to work it took me 30 mins to get my head and stomach to settle down. Lighter lunches are going to happen from now on.

Day one of riding to work down, just need to ride home now. Hurray? Wish me luck. And maybe I will be in a lot better shape by Gencon.