All According to Plan?

So today I called the company I ordered my new trike from and asked them “Where the frack is my bike?” I was told it would be here 4 or 5 days ago. And I am starting to wonder….

An hour later my wife sends me a text message that it would be here after lunch.

Get home, no bike so I start lunch, a 12 oz stake. What? I am a caveman. Stake is every time food, for me. ☺ Sit down and go to town and I hear the sounds of a truck in the yard.

Get the bike unboxed and the driver lets me know that he is glad I called the company as it has been on his truck for 4 days now waiting to be delivered but they refused to let him deliver it with out an appointment and they gave him the wrong number. Even this morning when I called and gave them my number they got it wrong and ended up calling my wife to make an appointment. Some people’s kids, I swear.

So I finish my lunch and ride to work. Should have just had a banana. Took me 10 mins to do maybe 2 miles. Once I got to work it took me 30 mins to get my head and stomach to settle down. Lighter lunches are going to happen from now on.

Day one of riding to work down, just need to ride home now. Hurray? Wish me luck. And maybe I will be in a lot better shape by Gencon.

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