I will not Murder my Wife

I ❤ my wife dearly. But last night I sat down to play DDo and asked her if she would mind if I played a little music, no reply. I spent yesterday at work trying to stay awake and get something done so I was drained by the time I got home. But I had a set of quests I needed to do to meet my xp goals and I needed a little pick me up.

I fire up some Everclear, Sparkle and Fade. Yes I am old, and playing Everclear always takes me back to a simpler time and fires me up. Almost 30 secs in I hear, “Do you have to play that?”

Hmm No…. Let me find a different track real fast.. Skip to Heroin Girl.

“Not that.”

Okayyyyy, Skip some more tracks and keep getting shut down. Switch to Linkin Park and get shut down. Then I mix things up with different artists and songs but the results are the same “Not that”.

Finally I hear, “Why don’t you just start a show on Netflix?”

I just want to pump up for the xp. I feel drained from work. But I will push on.

Then she gets a message or email or something on her phone, and she has some current top 100-radio song as her notification song. You know the one, it gets stuck in your brain in 2.4 seconds and you would have to cut out your brain and strain it through cheesecloth to get it out. Turns out she has the whole song as the notice and she lets the hole thing play out……… ;'(

It is like when I play I Can’t Decide by the SCISSOR SISTERS. I wake up in a cold sweat days later with that song still playing in the back of my mind.

So even now I can’t say any of the lyrics to her song other then “Tonights the night, and something something something. Tonights the night……”

But it is stuck in the back of my mind wanting to make me scream. This song could be added to the terrorist questioning sound track along with Barrny and “The song that Never Ends.

Even with all that I was able to get most of my goals done and I am on track for 15 on Friday.

If you see this Honey, ❤ you and this is all BS to be funny for a quick post.

Everyone else (totally true story) ☺