Worth farming for?

I am not a huge farmer, don’t get me wrong if I want something I will chase it hard until I decide it is just not happening or I find a better replacement. Point I wanted a Breach from Web on my Dps guy. Got the greataxe and said good enough. I am still slowly grinding out the my 20th DQ on that guy hoping almost against hope for that base Marlth Chain to epic up…But is there any real chase items from epic Gh for me?

The main item is the Int Cloak for sure, that is where I want my Int 99% of the time. Happens to have 8 chr and Spell pen (once fully upgraded), Samius current stats wet dream. Although how many more +8 stat items can we have laying around before a +9 happens?

All the other raid loot seems, blah…

The Crucible has the Skullsmasher that I talked about a while back; want one of those for Java for sure.

Madstone has what I think is one of the best items in the set, Girdle of Giant’s Brawn. 8 str and 2 slots… I can make that work nicely.

PoP is kinda a loot fail. Dream Visor has the potential to be really good. Mainly because of the set changes, can I assume this will stack with weapons and ship buffs?

Cry and Discord, Arkat’s Cord is a must have for my Druid. I don’t want to use wraps for Reinforced fists and my as a WF I can’t use an outfit. So this is one of my only options for that kind of boost. Not sure it is going to work even…

Cabal and Feast might be the best solo runs for loot as even the eN one are okay. But I can see hunting up a few pair of wraps for my dogs. ☺ But I could see my PM using the Madstone Orb….

Maze/Trial the Jeweled cloak is not bad at all…

But as always it looks like Tor is where it is at! Almost all the items have uses even if you have to build around them I can see some builds using the Field optics full time and the gloves from the white dragon are sweet also.

The blue dragon has some tasty loot options, including the best rune arm I have seen so far after the unlocked Tovin’s. And I could “could” see myself putting my GS/robe for a blue set if “IF” I got the right blue hat. Maybe. I would have to use an armor with a good PRR…

The black has some good drops also but mostly I want the +1 all stats augment… That would make sloting a lot easier.

Over all the loot is a 7 out of 10. The last gear I was really excited about was the purple set and the EE bastion. Since then the new gear has been fairly flat…

Back to work and mail unloved EE GH loot to Samius on Sarlona.


As of Today, All is Right and Good in this World

And by world I mean Sarlona and mine, what you thought I have power over your world? Well I do, I am Samius after all, but I wouldn’t think to impose my will on your life unless you joined my lfm…

Yep, my replacement pc came just before lunch yesterday and an excuse was hatched to take off the rest of the day and I played DDo!

Real fast my check list for setting up a new pc.
Install Chrome.
Install AVG
Install DDo
Copy DDo to a second folder for dual boxing
Install Skype/Pamela
Check all VoD plugins – Sliverlight and whatever Amazon uses.

Thinks I missed/ Need to add.
Bluetooth drivers
Open Office
Audio editing software (Cool Edit is my editor of choice)

If I am missing something let me know. Game Guide is not required for me right now but I can see an argument for it. : )

So I got to play and I mean full on no massive super lag play. /happy dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS1cLOIxsQ8

So what did I do?

Farm the locked chest in Servants of the Overlord for a 3rd time in two weeks. Going to say that the Silver linger doesn’t really drop here any more. Ransacked it 4-5 times with 2+ sets of pullers and nothing even close to Xbow like.

Do a run through with the wife to get her to FR side and we get to of the bows???? Me thinks that we might have gotten a loot patch on that chest… But I will farm a few up even if getting one will destroy the world!!!!!! Just my luck I will finally get on 12/21/12……

Okay lets see what else…..

I helped Torrance (the wife’s main) get over to FR, piked the boys Pally over also might as well right? Once she got over she had some shows buffered on the DVR she wanted to watch so I did some bank/bag work and started to read an Avengers with Dr Strange as I “main guy.” Marvel, wtf? He was in one panel and had one line. But it had Iron Man pre Skull Invasion and showed IM questioning everything all the time so it was worth the read. Btw Tony totally saved the day as always and Giant Girl (aka Wasp) as Carnage was totally badass!

It wasn’t long before Tobril logged on and we did some xp for him. I used Samiusjr (1/2ling monk lvl 20) and I started to remember how much fun a monk can be, aka soooooooo fast. 10-13 min runs in Enter the Kobold and some of the backside of IQ in 3-4 min runs. Think tonight we are to do Monstary of the Scorp might need to see if he wants to do a full loop for my arty an amp/amp/ docent might be nice to have around sometimes…..

Making some assumptions based on the content we are running for xp, I would say he is super close to 20 and then we can get back to TRing. After this little break I am ready to go again. Just need to decide on a pally build…..