Worth farming for?

I am not a huge farmer, don’t get me wrong if I want something I will chase it hard until I decide it is just not happening or I find a better replacement. Point I wanted a Breach from Web on my Dps guy. Got the greataxe and said good enough. I am still slowly grinding out the my 20th DQ on that guy hoping almost against hope for that base Marlth Chain to epic up…But is there any real chase items from epic Gh for me?

The main item is the Int Cloak for sure, that is where I want my Int 99% of the time. Happens to have 8 chr and Spell pen (once fully upgraded), Samius current stats wet dream. Although how many more +8 stat items can we have laying around before a +9 happens?

All the other raid loot seems, blah…

The Crucible has the Skullsmasher that I talked about a while back; want one of those for Java for sure.

Madstone has what I think is one of the best items in the set, Girdle of Giant’s Brawn. 8 str and 2 slots… I can make that work nicely.

PoP is kinda a loot fail. Dream Visor has the potential to be really good. Mainly because of the set changes, can I assume this will stack with weapons and ship buffs?

Cry and Discord, Arkat’s Cord is a must have for my Druid. I don’t want to use wraps for Reinforced fists and my as a WF I can’t use an outfit. So this is one of my only options for that kind of boost. Not sure it is going to work even…

Cabal and Feast might be the best solo runs for loot as even the eN one are okay. But I can see hunting up a few pair of wraps for my dogs. ☺ But I could see my PM using the Madstone Orb….

Maze/Trial the Jeweled cloak is not bad at all…

But as always it looks like Tor is where it is at! Almost all the items have uses even if you have to build around them I can see some builds using the Field optics full time and the gloves from the white dragon are sweet also.

The blue dragon has some tasty loot options, including the best rune arm I have seen so far after the unlocked Tovin’s. And I could “could” see myself putting my GS/robe for a blue set if “IF” I got the right blue hat. Maybe. I would have to use an armor with a good PRR…

The black has some good drops also but mostly I want the +1 all stats augment… That would make sloting a lot easier.

Over all the loot is a 7 out of 10. The last gear I was really excited about was the purple set and the EE bastion. Since then the new gear has been fairly flat…

Back to work and mail unloved EE GH loot to Samius on Sarlona.


Waiting for Tobril

Last night I had plans with Tobril to xp him up some in hopes that he would be ready to hit the tree here real soon. But as the best plans do, ours turned to crazy train when encountering the enemy. In this case Tobril’s day job.

I logged on about 30 mins before we were due to team up on As400 (wiz/2 epic) and Steampower (that alt account arty I have been talking about), with the plan to do a Seal for the Ring of Elemental Essence run on ehard.

25ish mins later, Brawnpits runs to the end and I lot my chests. Bracelet seal is close to what I am looking for, it is a seal after all, but not the prize I am hunting. I did pick up a scroll of the Mirror cloak so that was good and a full token across the two accounts.

About that time I get a txt from Tobril, work is dumb, Move eta back 40ish.

No problem, I fire up a second run. Mean while my wife is playing music via youtube on her PC. Not an issue until I catch the repeat train starting to roll out of the station and I have to nip that shit in the butt. We need to set some ground rules about playing the same song more then 5 times an hour. I ask her to through in some song rotation and see agrees but says she wouldn’t have to loop things if songs where 20 mins long again…. Btw she played the song that was stuck in my head a few weeks ago. Shouting that was the one song she counters of course a BJ song would be stuck in your head…… And she starts to read the lyrics to me and the youtube comments guess I wasn’t the only one that didn’t catch it right away. But when the only line that I remember is “to nights the night” over and over I just don’t see it.

Any I am about done with run number 2 when I both ask her to jump in and pike/be extra pulls and I inform her that it is my turn to pick a song and telling her to find one the Gangnam style videos. I am thinking I will fight fire with fire. She can’t find it so I move to a save spot and fiddle with my browser and get it started. When I turn back my safe spot wasn’t so safe after all and I loose my ship buffs. Things take a little longer as I lost a lot of SP due to deaths and recovery so I have to shrine an extra time but things move well enough.

Still no seal.

A few more runs and I get a txt from Tobril “Eta is off, work is dumb”. So I keep running 4-5 more runs for the night with 3 pullers. Another seal of the bracelet a few scrolls among the three accounts at least 1 per over the night and any time they wife wasn’t at her keys to loot her own chest I got extra fragments. Nothing in life is free. After all she got at least a ED rank or 2 for not a lot of work and I took her out for dinner. Sure she paid but that is not the point. ☺

Any way Tobril didn’t make it by 930 my time and 3ish hours of farming is all I got in a week so I read comics and went to bed where as I understand it one of the mother in-law’s dog puked on me in the night. Wonderful….. Did I tell you that the mother in-law went out of town and that the Gruobo dog kennel has opened? I now am sharing my bed with 9 dogs. No wait, 8 dogs my son keeps his pug at night. But that is a lot of bodies in my bed not making my every wet dream come true… So when I end with “Sooooooo Sleepy” you will understand.