Leading from the Middle…

It was a low party size DG & HoDW team up weekend, which was nice and a little sad at the same time. It was nice as we always had room for the people that were able to log in for short bursts and sad because as a whole we had little focus and didn’t really raid much. But we did knock out a FoT where things got a little weird.

First of all with now 7 completions total, I can’t say I am super raid leader guy on this one. I do know a few things namely the order I like the dragon/giant combo killed and to keep the dragon away from it’s giant or vice versa.

So when Grim through up an LFM I was fairly pleased, I get a completion and she gets to lead the public group. We start to fill and then we are looking for healer types. The wife offers to swap and Oncler joins on his druid.

Some of you know Oncler from my stories about him before. I like him a lot and count him as a friend. But he has a tipping point where he will tell you what’s up and how to pull your heads out of your ass if you are having issues. Some people take this in a good way others in a poor way. 90% of the people that take it poorly do so due to his tone, which can be a hurdle… I do the same thing, but I try to temper my comments with humor but the goal is the same.

So raid forms up and gets started, no one is clearly tanking or separating things which in the last few FoTs I have run have been fine in those runs we had a lot more ranged dps people. With Tobril out and the wife in a healing role, I started to notice how many people were melee only… Aka the trash didn’t naturally split off due to IPS + manyshots…. About that time Oncler yells that there is a trash build up and that the trash needed killed. About that time 3 or 4 of the melees die.

And a mild shit storm starts. He also yells out that the Truthful one needs a kitter which I take over being able to mostly self heal via scrolls and take the nasty one to the other side of the room.

I kite this guy in a kinda oval path as if I get breathed on or caught with a stun or what not he can drop be before someone can help me out. So on one of my loops he breaths and catches part of the party were I get an earful of how I should kite again from Oncler. I explain how and why I kite like I do (and Oncler backs down) but I will try to back and forth in an alcove to point the nasty one away from the party as much as possible and promptly get stunned and eaten.

About that time one of the brits on teamspeak says I am sure glad that this guy is in charge, where I reply that he is helping. Over look his tone and hear what he is saying. The raid starts to get a little more organized then. I try to be heard in game some Grim is relaying commands or giving ones of her own and things are easing up. Then we have just the last two. And we are working on the nasty one and Oncler points out a trash build up and that it needs to be cleaned up when another batch spawns on my head and I just die from lighting bolts from their spawning.

But the trash gets cleaned up about the time I can be rezed. A few more destiny powered MMs chain missiles and everyone is prepped. I go a little spammy and get the kills on both the dragon and the Stormreaver.

Have to say I learned a lot more from this run more then some of the others. I learned that there is an AOE effect when the trash is spawned and that the more trash there is the faster they spawn. I also we need to work on the role department when natural kiters are not around and put a little higher kill value on the trash. Also I watched one fighter pull a giant to its dragon I am guessing to be closer to the healers???? But just about as he did so they summoned some trash and people died.

Over all it was a good run if it had its rough moments, to the point where the wife again swears off healing it. ☺

Think I will be out tomorrow but should be back on Wednesday.


I’m Not your Mama, take your Drama Someplace Else!

Sorry but person A can’t play with person B. B wont play with C. C will play with both as long as we don’t do quest X or put person A or B in roll Q. And both A and B want to do quest X only….

Or in other words when I have the star, Frack my Life.

Ever have one of those nights where everyone seems to have brought their baggage to the party? I travel fairly light any more. I have two people I don’t play with and I don’t think either play anymore. But if they did/do and they act like a human beings and keep their mouth shut I don’t think I would notice they were back in my group.

That said I know people have reasons not to want to play with others. I don’t even care what those reasons are. If your reason is good enough for you it is good enough for me. If you don’t want to play with person B don’t. And I will defend you for leaving when your gone. But if your desire to play with me is less then your desire not to play with person B what am I to do? Especially when person B is a guildie with a reservation via mails that you don’t happen to get…

I have to give preferred treatment to members of the guild. It sounds like crap but it is true. Or otherwise my guild wouldn’t be what it is (one of the best ones around). I expect all my guildies to do the same for the other members.

That doesn’t mean you, a person on my friends list, can’t have my loyalty too. But I have to be a good leader within my guild.

It is not fair to me (or anyone else) that I secretly hope that person B doesn’t long on while playing with person A or vice versa.

I don’t have an easy answer for people when this happens. If people can’t talk it out and learn to be civil for the sake of a third or forth person, I don’t know what to do…

My wife’s best friend, hates me or did enough that she tried to stop my wedding right up to the walk down the isle, and I believe she has tried to talk my wife into leaving me more then once (Thankfully my wife is dumb and still loves me 🙂 I am an ass after all.). And I don’t like her because of that fact and some other things that I happen to feel strongly about but wont talk about on an internet blog post. The point is we have worked out a system for my wife to be able to see and hang out with her best friend. Once and a while I will even recommend a visit (and offered her my rental house so she could move closer) because I know what spending time with a friend means. All awhile I don’t put her head on a stick on my front yard while she is “visiting” sleeping on my couch and she hasn’t been successful in talking my wife into leaving me.

If two people can work things out enough to be civil to each other that has as much bad blood as she and I do then I think that there is hope for everyone to put their feelings aside for the other person/s that they do care about.

But hey if you can’t, No problem. But if I slip up and forget you let you know that players on your do not group list are planing on tagging along then well sorry. I don’t even check my dnp list any more….