Destiny Planing: McPlunderer

I got some real DDo time in this weekend, mostly rocking my rogue and I was super pleased. Yes as I thought there is an issue of running out of HPs in some cases but for the most part I felt healing from the healers was about the same as when rocking Darth. As for kills I only looked once at the end of a quest but most of the time I was leading kill counts (the one time that stands out I had 69 kills vs low 20s and high teens) not that kill count is a good judge of dps (2wf and massive sneak attack for the last hit is okay however) but I do know I was assassinating the hell out of trash mobs every time my timer was off cool down and big boss fights were amazing during manyshot bursts. Not that I was quit keeping up with Tobril during his Furyshot bit I expect to more then keep up when I get my own sneakfuryshot!

Anyway I wanted to show you how I am leaning in the destiny department.


Planed Fury Path


Planed twists at the moment are Grim Precision, Stealthy and Cocoon. Meaning I need 11 total twist points which is not too hard to come by with just low hanging fruit with a little work in the crossover destinies.  Now if I can just make a gear list happen simi soon.


My Foray Into the EDs

First of all Morn, or at least it is for me so lets try to make it a good one and keep that momentum running all day and make today a good one. But I don’t have high hopes for the day. With that out of the way lets talk about my experience with the Epic Destinies.

I think that two or three of my guys have EDs active, okay four. Butterz my bard, As400 my newest back to 20 wizard, Javabot my FvS and Samyus my tanky fighter and other then Samyus they don’t have more then a few ranks in to their EDs. But even with this little bit of experience I can tell you the EDs is the best thing Turbine as done for ddo in a long time.

Lets look at Samyus’ “plan”. As it stands I will be twisting in Run 30% faster from Master of Flowers. Which needed to be level 4 to cross in to Sentinel anyway… And 2 twists from Juggernaut, +6 to tactical feats and the Super swing attack. Leaving me to take Sentinel full time.

I will say I am in love with the Sentinel ED. So far in normal non-boss tanking questing Vigor of battle stance has been sweet. This stance is a lot of what makes me feel like I am a tank again. It is all thanks to this “Enemies you hit gain healing touch for 3 seconds: grants 10 temporary HP to targets they attack.” So I do one of my many cleave attacks and then all the baddies around me tmp Hp me up (30% of the time) giving me a HP buffer large enough to take them out. And that is just a lowly level 0 autogrant.

I have been using Bane of Undeath I have been soloing Epic Wizking on normal now that I can. Lots of Shield boosting via Shield Prowess (MORE AC) as Legendary Shield Mastery (MORE PRR) also the wiki doesn’t say but this line also gives you more double strike % when using a shield. I also am using Confront any Foe like 4 times a shrine for a nice little extra boost to damage for an attack. But that might not stay long term.. Speaking of things I have been using that was not what I was thinking it would be I took Healing Hands thinking any more self-healing would be good but it is hitting for 15 hp right now. I need to boost that a lot if I am going to make that work. I hope to fit in Intolerant Blow as a get back here if Intimidate is on timer.

Anyway, that is a little but on what I am/have been doing in the EDs. Sometime soon I will feel “done” and I will give a list of everything I am doing and why but not from memory.

Can’t wait until I start to play with the EDs on some of my other alts more. Butterz’ Fatesinger for example looks amazing. Aka songs as damage…

Anyway back to work.