DDo Store Saves the Day?

So last night Tobril was playing hooky from work and happened to be hanging out on DDo, getting ready for a TR. We talked while I rocked a WizKing and he made his “go” decision. Meaning if I was coming along for the first 8 levels and maybe then some, I needed to shit or get off the pot.

So mainly do to the fact that I had 0 plans but I have already ate a heart on my pure monk Samiusjr I decided to give him a go. He has been sitting around for a while now getting less then 0 play, so why not?

With no real plan I went dwarf monk. Mostly wis/con based but with enough str to get the job done most of the time.

Then the strangest thing happened, I hit the ddo store to buy some grog for the 5 tp cake quest and I saw a cosmetic helm, it was like a sign from Sparta. I only saw it for a sec, but it was long enough for my brain to scream monk fighter in platemail, yo!

At this point I have hand wraps and whatever junk you get in the end rewards for the quests, I am not even wearing the starting outfit you get as a monk.

A grand tp later I have my hat and a cosmetic suit of plate and I am kung foo dwarf knight! Have to say something as simple as looking badass really brought me back into the fun. Now I want to “find” a build for this guy other then 12/5/x so I can be all dwarf axe/2wf/throwing my weight around monk guy. Have to say that sounds amazing!

All I need to do is get McGoggles to 17-18 so to play with Tobril post his stoning so I can working on SamJr in the off time the build should be fairly easy if I just work for centered axes for now and then rock the rest of the monk levels post lvl 7. Now just need to find feats and a simple gear list…

If you have any ideas please use the comments.