I am Really Missing Invis

So as I think most of you know, Invisibility is mostly broken as in not working. And there are builds at places that count on invis to maintain a healthy xp/min ratio. Case and point Samiusbot is now level 13 and is doing some sands/Attack on Stormreach work. I don’t know how you run those quests but the way I do them uses invis to skip a few pointless fights.

And while I can do the quests on Samiusbot solo on elite because I have been but the just take soooo long the go from amazing leveling quests and become once and done quests maybe walk them down quests.

It is just a pain.

That said I took the hour or so I got to play last night and just did rare/explorers in the sands and Gh can’t say it was good xp for the hour but it was really fun. The power of a ranged build in the open areas of an explore zone is unmatched by clearing room by room that is most dungeons in this game.

Shooting a mob at the edge of your draw range and watching him run in at you only to die waaaaaayyyyy over there is completely great.

Any way back to complaining that invis is missing again for a min.

Over the weekend the DG/HoDW did its normal team up for raiding and our normal questing. Normally we all just invis and run to the DQ 6 man for flagging but with invised some people just ran threw red skulled and others cleared the way for their piking accounts. Not an issue or a problem really more of an annoyance. Why should level 25s bother killing their way around a level 8-14 explorer zone? Doubly so when they all have access to invis of some sort.

I guess I just miss it not working, as it should. I don’t expect a bug free environment I know like every developer that bugs will happen and they don’t want bugs floating around anymore then anyone else. But man I hope it is fixed real soon.

I am almost to the point where I should just TR someone into a bowonk aka a build that doesn’t care if it can’t invis because it will just smash through the content anyway.

Well lunch time.