Time to Move the Computer?

My wife is a huge “reality” tv fan and I think her favorite has just started, Big Brother. The nice thing for ME about her watching Big Brother is they (CBS) does this thing called live streams most of the time so there is always something for her to watch. The bad thing is there is always something for her to watch and how our computers are set up (right next to each other) that means that I have to hear all this noise.

Guess I need to expand on that just a little in case you don’t know the show. The idea of the show is take a bunch of people and lock them in a house full of cameras and make them vote themselves out a person a week until there are just a few left all a while making them play games for both prizes and “power” in the game structure.

Okay fairly simple idea for a show even though I don’t watch the show why would that make me want to move my PC?

What you might not think about is the game is full of political BS meaning everyone whispers all the time as to try and not be over heard by everyone else. Meaning for people that watch the “live” streamings there is little audio help from CBS so you end up maxing out your speakers. And it is a simple fact that if you are the one trying to hear something it needs to be about 400 times louder for you then for everyone else in the house to be able to hear. It is just a simple fact.

So either I need to talk the wife in to using her head phones or I might just be better off moving my PC into another room for the next 3 months so I don’t have to hear how girl A is pissed that boy B is talking to girl C because she said she is sisters with famous person I don’t give a fuck…

And yes that was the story for my hour of DDo time last night as I slowly worked on the eGh explorer zone alone except for my army of hires. Yup, that is the other down side of giving her something to watch, my main DDo partner now has other things to do besides get me loot and xps….

What a double edge sword this show is.

Well back to work,