One of the Worse Times of the Year.

Standard format uses the two most recently-released blocks, as well as the current core set. When a new block is launched, the oldest block rotates out of the list. – MtG Mothershipsite

I hate standard rotation time, I feel it is one of worse times of the new for brewers. Well at least for me.  As the last few weeks of Standard start to wind down and the next cool cards start to come to light all i see are the babies that i haven’t had time to finish or play. I don’t play as much constructed magic as i could. Sure i play FNM’s (but i tend to draft at those) and whatever other tournaments we have at my local shop but i don’t travel to play. Not really. And since i don’t play Magic online other then the odd draft, i am often left with dozens of minor regrets at the end of the Magic year on decks not played.

I will miss you babies that never were

Sure there is the excitement of whats to come, but i don’t have those cards. The don’t sit in my binders calling out to me. They are just cards on a screen. Like books on a shelf when you have no time to read them. Great possibilities, possible flops but until they are in my hands they are just dreams yet to come.

Think that is part of the reason Modern is such a popular format. People just want to keep rocking their favorite cards. And i understand that feeling even if modern is just too big of a format for me most of the time. But in a few weeks this feeling will be long past and my focus will be on all the new and exciting possibilities happening all a round us. But for now i long to hang on to what is here.

Thinking of you Theros block.

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