Back from the Dead

I know it has been a while since i wrote a post last and i am sorry. I have just been so busy with work and other issues around here mostly dying. I don’t really know what hit me, but I am about 11 days past when i noticed the first symptoms and i am still only at 50% or so after a week of full on bed rest. I still get wore out just sitting at the computer. It was a beating. It was the worst i have been sick in a loooooog time.

But enough of that lets look at some good things.

Opened a Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy pack 3 in a store vs store event as i was crashing the other week. Wasn’t blue, drafted it anyway. Between it and the cards i hated (Store vs Store drafts are team draft like so hate drafting is important), i ending up needing to dip into blue for raw power. There was a black/white list but i had to fight for playables and had no real way to finish things. The blue added not only Jace but a handful of fliers taking my deck from no plan to air attack. Here is a pic of the final deck, sick as it is.

2015-09-08 15.36.00

Ended up undefeated. Turns out if you can flip Jace into his planeswalker form, any spell worth the flashback effect is amazing. You can’t tell from the image but that top card in the 4 slot is a Kytheon’s Irregulars. Also a nutty bomb if you didn’t know.

I kinda feel bad for the guy on my left, my first pack was  Kytheon’s Irregulars, Sentinel of the Eternal Watch, Swift Reckoning, Topan Freeblade in white with not that great other stuff. He took the Sentinel and then just got cut super hard. The pack back i was open for black cards and hate so he more or less got one pack in a main color and then got wrecked in the draft.

Other then that life in the magic department has been simple. Like most brewers i am in a holding pattern until the next set comes out. I am working with a guy on getting a Magic themed podcast up and running. Think it will be mostly hosted here so no other url to watch. And Tobril and i should be able to tape sometime this week with him moving the next few weekends the meat of our Tiny House podcast should finally be underway. Then Lessah and i hope to tape this week also which should be good. Oh and i need to record something for the 400th DDOcast. Not sure what that will be but i am guessing i will dust of the old music and try to bring up some sweet Sound Concepts. Guess it is good that Magic is in a slump this week.

Think that is it for tonight. I will be brewing all week for FNM this Friday. Should be a quite one as most of our more competitive players are heading to the GP in OkCity this weekend. That should just leave things to us more casuals….


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