Cheif of Skullhuntering your Face

I feel that there is a super good agro deck out there and i think it plays a lot of warriors. Lets just throw cards at the wall and see what sticks.

All the cards i want to cram in to the deck are:
Gods Willing
Hero’s Downfall
Bloodsoaked Champion
Herald of Anafenza
Chief of the Edge
Mardu Skullhunter
Oreskos Swiftclaw
Tymaret, the Murder King
Pain Seer and/or Grim Haruspex
Mogis’s Marauder

Sorin, Solemn Visitor

Possibly hanging in the sideboard
Chained to the Rock
Murderous Cut
Dark Betrayal
Phyrexian Revoker
Staff of the Death Magus

So numbers/ what makes the cut?

4 Thoughtseize
2 Despise
2 Ulcerate
1 Gods Willing
4 Hero’s Downfall

4 Bloodsoaked Champion
2 Herald of Anafenza
4 Mardu Skullhunter
4 Chief of the Edge
0 Oreskos Swiftclaw
2 Tymaret, the Murder King
4 Pain Seer and/or Grim Haruspex
2 Mogis’s Marauder

3 Sorin, Solemn Visitor

22 lands
Mardu Triland
Lifegain lands

Idk, i will say i had a more controlling version of this deck and it was very good.  Ideally this deck would play a 1 drop, followed up with a Skullhunter or 2 some other discard spell, then lay on the beats while keeping the field clear thanks to suicide guys and light removal/discard combo. I don’t know if it is right for the meta atm. But after watching a ton of Abzan decks win out over the last two weekends i am leaning towards yes as long as you keep 4 Dark Betrayals in the sideboard and keep the pressure up.


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