Magical Monday 10.20.14



Sometimes you win. Other times you lose. And once and a while you just punt super badly and you really lose.


It was Friday Night Magic last Friday (clearly), i was mostly tired, hungry about to piss myself and it was intense. The match was tied up 1/1 i was at 5 with 7 mana and 2 fliers in play to my opponents 12 life and 3 two power dudes. And i had a plan. It was my turn and i drew an island i could restock my Illusory Angel and  a Monstrous Growth, attack for 6 and drop my blocker. Weather the storm on the crack back  and win through whatever removal spell my opponent could have and win.

I look at my hand mid combat and i realize that this is not an Island.

Shit. Scroll back to the top of the page and look at the image of Charlie doing his best Samius impression.


Right away i knew that i just screwed up and lost the game. I knew what i should have done and played it safe and played my morph and the other 3 drop that was hanging out in my hand with a safe attack for 3. Then go for the win next turn….


What i did was let my opponent attack me to death and shook his had and landed well out side of the prize support. The Gurobo family crashed and burned for the night.

It is hard to be  good sport. But at the same time i loved watching Ari Lax play out his top 8 at the pro tour. So animated and worthy of support and well wishes. But there seems to be a conversation happening right now about how to be a good winner and good loser. In my mind there is no harm in someone having excitement bursting from the seams. When the magic gods smile upon you it can be hard to keep all that goodness contained. But here is the deal if you can’t take it, keep that shit contained. The golden rule is not just a suggestion it is a way of life.

That is all i got. Working on a ton of decks at the moment but none of them good. But i will get back to you if and when i have any ideas worth sharing.



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