Magical Monday 9.15.14

First off sorry for no write up last week, i have taken on a project and i was caught up in it last week. That might happen from time to time but i will try and keep posting a Magical Monday write up at the first of the week in my short list.

Now on to Magic.

One of my favorite decks over the years was a deck build around the enchantment Wild Pair.

This deck was standard legal for me and gave me some of my most fun games ever. It was build mostly around 2/2s like Mystic Snake, Venser, Shaper Savant and Whitemane Lion. It is a beating. As it is still 98% together i could whip it out and give someone some good beats like it was 2008…

I bring it up because what i am playing now feels a lot like that Wild Pair deck, I don’t really have a cool name for the deck but i am kinda calling it the Power of Music…

It is a G/u/r Yisan, the Wanderer Bard/Kiora’s Follower/Prophet of Kruphix deck. But really it is a Prophet of Kruphix deck. That girl is just hot stuff. So like everyone and their dog that is into Magic, i am looking at Khans hoping for some power and dreading the cuts to the mana base…

That being said the deck looses like 7 cards, 4 lands and some men. Aka nothing that can’t be replaced with simi-random Khans, cards.

So lets look at what 3-5 cards that Khans’ might bring to replace the following.

  • Burning-Tree Emissary
  • Skylasher
  • Izzet Staticaster
  • Prime Speaker Zegana

To be fair there is not a lot of solid replacements to me… Which is strange as the deck has a slight Temur tilt already. Well every slight as the only red card is the one Staticaster but you would think that there would be some kind of Tim in the set. I mean isn’t there always a Tim? Well guess not. But there is a whole clan around this wedge…
There is an argument that one  mana dork for 2 could be replaced with another Theros more mana dork but that seems worse in the long run but a Rattleclaw Mystic could work as a burst mana guy just not in the same manner. At least it could attack vs another 0/3 mana wall.

But the rest? There is just not a lot of love in those colors.

But there might be some help in Sultai… Hear me out, Rakshasa Deathdealer is a bundle of options in a handy 2/2 for 2 shell. He can’t stop flyers but a possible 4/4 regenerating attacker might make the cut. Grim Haruspex might be the replacement card engine we need if we add in a little Bloodsoaked Champion as a recurring sacrifice.  Speaking of sacrifice that could be sweet as a one of Embodiment of Spring. Trust me sometimes you want another 1 cc guy other then E. Mystic.

There is one card i am looking forward to working in, Clever Impersonator. “A copy of any nonland permanent” that i can cord/Bard up is a super sweet tool box option.

Thing is i am not one of those people that can just read the spoiler and “Know” what card will better my deck and what wont. I will say i feel that Bug aka  Sultai will be my Khan of choice for a while in standard. Although i am playing with another Affinity like deck that i will see if i can get a hard list together soon.

See you next week,


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