Standard Affinity? Bonus MtG…

2 Astral Cornucopia

4 Springleaf Drum
2 Rogue’s Gloves

4 Ensoul Artifact
2 Military Intelligence
2 Fated Infatuation

4 Ornithopter
4 Triton Shorestalker
4 Chief Engineer
4 Illusory Angel
4 Chasm Skulker and/or/mix and match Crystalline Nautilus
4 Master of Waves

4 Darksteel Citadel
16 Island

This is another deck my son and i have been working on. It this is an updated list compared to what he is playing but it is not that far off. Think the main difference for him is he is still using Daring Thiefs and some tap/untap effects. I have to say keeping them in has been working out for him fairly well. There has been a lot of “trade you my 1/0 elemental for him” being had at my kitchen table.

Well the thiefs have been doing work until he traded me one of them for something and i flashed in a Kiora’s Follower. Lets just say a blow out happened after that. But hey they were still doing work, just not for him.

Take a look and try it out. Think 99.9% of the decks cost is in master of waves. Other then him the whole deck is like 50 cents. Okay Chasm Skulker are like 3$s….

Okay i am peaceing out.


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