Summer Fling, Intro

Man it is good to want to write about DDo again, it just feels like a long time since i had a reason to write about it.

Couple of things first. I saw Jerry’s twitch stream yesterday where he ran down the swashbuckler. Looks good. I don’t know if it is good enough for my main bard to make changes to make it worth wild but i could see my lower level was going to be a tank but the Ac changes hit and she doesn’t get played no more bard might make some swaps and get a little more love again. IF you missed it you can check it out here.

This summer fling thing of Lessah’s is going to be a nice break for me i think. I am excited to make this happen. There are a lot of rules, which you can check out on needless to say that there is one rule in there that happened after i decided to buy the acid green hair dye to more easily separate myself from all the other ladies in the party. Time to become a ninja passer of the hair dye or start blowing Turbine for replacement dye…. Remember better to look good then be effective. Also i am the jhealz so punishing Lessah for this rule is fairly simple… 🙂

Sam- Your blocked!
Les- No i can see you. You are waving you asshole!
Sam- Wasn’t me….

Walk of nakid shame for Lessah.

Here is my character for this group. SheSamius.

lvl 7 starting out

lvl 7 starting out 5/2 clr/rgr

Fairly hot if i do say so myself. I made her live with out a plan on my stream with input from the chat. Fairly pleased with how she turned out. But i am really excited to see how well the least dragonmark of finding will work out for our group. As we are starting out mostly nakid i am hoping this will give us a nice leg up. On Tuesday i popped into Cartamon’s to put it to the test and i was pulling +2 tmp weapons and lots of wands on normal.

Playing with stepping things up quest diff wise and it seems to make a difference in the quality of loots found. But i am still playing with it. I am real glad they added a shrine to the quest. I was mindlessly running to the bar before i realized that there was on. Oops.

Well i hope you can join us on Wednesdays noon central(we will have lots of streams covering our play), or at least i think that is the current start time. If not i will see about saving and or porting it to Youtube. That might be a real upside of Goggle buying Twitch. Easy saving to youtube channels?

Well see to all on Friday i think for another Gurobo Farm update. Until then.


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