“Rocking On Once Again” a MtG Deck

I have talked about being a Magic the Gathering player in the past i am not sure if everyone even knows what that means, but some of you will and everyone else can look at the pictures and develop and interest.  But for now know that whatever nerdy topic you have come to read about will be back soon.


Mean while for you MtG players i have a new standard deck for you to look at: Rocking On Once Again.

RockingOn v1

I am a huge fan of Rock style decks and i think that this might just fit the bill for today’s standard.

Starting things off is the combos of Agent of the Fates ( A personal favorite card of mine at the moment) /Pain Seer plus Burst of Strength.  But truthfully, Burst of Strength is just real good and i am not sure why people are not running it.

Then we have the sweet pile of fatties/removal/closers  in Reaper, Polukranos and Scavenging Ooze. I had Deathrite in that list for a while and while he has some reach, he is not really a closer all alone. But i can see him teaming up with a burst to push the last 4 damage through some board states.  And I feel that the Caryatid is the best fixing available at the moment, but i can totally see Astral Cornucopia going in this slot if Burn Decks die down some.

I have the normal removal/discard setup available to B/G with Downfall, Abrupt Decay,Vraska and Thoughtseize plus i added a sweeper in Gaze of Granite just in case.

The Bow is just a sweet utility card that adds a ton of power for the slot. I mean how can Burn ever beat this card?

Sideboard is just a lot of what you might expect, answers to Blood Barons and other blue/white cards. I added a Puterfy because call it a feeling that an odd artifact or two will start seeing more play soon and i want an answer that also hits Master of Waves.


I don’t know if it is good or not but i have been tinkering with a Rock style deck for a while now and this is my current happy place with the deck. Now i just need to gather some Pain Seers and a Vraska.


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