Long time readers/people that have to sit and listen to while i do things, know that i have had more then a passing interest in a thrower build in DDo. But they have never panned out, mostly because of how the hps of mobs in DDo scale upwards as the levels add up.

Then when the enhancement+ destinies pass was making waves over in the Mornlands, Tobril and I talked about a possible thrower build a few times but nothing really came from it.

Then about 4-5 months back, Tobril says to me while i am bemoaning the state of Samius’ current “final” life to a Magic Missile build , that Distributed (Ilindith on the DDo Forums) has a throwing build that i might like. And while some things i didn’t really care for in the build, Dis proved to me that a throwing build is finally a good build in the current end game.

So it has been sitting in my brain for a few months then Dis finally joins the Defense Guild and we have time to talk about the build. I tweak some things. He tweaks some things. And we kinda have a core idea.

Then i post my leveling sheet and ask him for his input, which he does.  He doesn’t like Epic Destiny: Doubleshot feat by they way. He logic is you are almost constantly rocking the massive penalty from 10Kstars or manyshot so why bother trying to have a Doubleshot value if you are going to have that massive penalty most of the time. Sound logic, so i have an extra feat to find a home.

Anyway, he makes a comment about not giving him any love for giving me the idea of a throwing build. And i am like

Say What??!









And in like 3 mins i find my first throwing build post, (which looks a lot like yesterdays post but with a few less details) dated back in March, 2012 i think.

But then i started thinking did i ever really give him the big love for showing me that a throwing build is now finally an option? I know i have posted a lot of things in the last few weeks on thoughts that he has jumped started in my brain, but looking back there isn’t much credit given. And i tend to do that, so thanks Dis for the ideas.

Anyway, i want to to point out his throwing build. He posted the details yesterday i think for anyone to comment on, here: Shurikens-v2.

Also in thanks i want to share this:

Partly in Thanks, mostly because Uhura is hot.


















Comment as you do,


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