Today was a normal day. Got up, dressed while watching a show that recorded the night before. Got the kid to school and headed into work. In the parking lot I noticed that my boss’ light was on and thought to myself that it was strange that he was in so early. I was going to pop in and say good morning and ask when we could get together to review some things, but he wasn’t in his office.

Going down the hall I notice that he is in his boss’ office and I wondered what was broken. As I was walking by the my boss, Chris, opens the door and asks me to come in.


Then I see the head of Hr around the corner and the look on my boss’ boss’ face… I knew I was in trouble but I didn’t really expect the words “Your Fired” to be involved. Not really. Maybe a scolding and an official warning or something but not that.

Long story short, my boss and I never saw eye to eye on a lot of things and while I did my best to bend to his idea of a good employee it wasn’t meant to be. Earlier in the week when I wouldn’t bash a fellow employee because he was doing his job, I gave him the excuse he was looking for, I was not on “HIS Team”.

As i write this I am still in shock. I wish I could say I didn’t know he was hoping I would do something that he could take to his boss and use to get me fired. I knew that weeks ago, but I assumed my work, which while not always used the latest-greatest programming style/tools but was stable and made a lot of money for the company, would shield me from his personal feelings. Guess not.

So today after I made my wife cry and emptied the box that I brought my things home in am sitting here at my desk making a decision to fine a job that I love like I did when i first started at Great Plains. Ideally one at Turbine where i can help them not make bad decisions… But that is just a dream and right now i need to walk the path to something more then just a dream. I will need a paycheck real damn soon!

To that end, I have bought the kindle version of “48 Days to the Work You Love”. Reading the first bit has the book laid out in a day by day assignment layout with lots of accountability which i will share with you all here, as well as my DDo/Mtg/Gardening/Misc BS…

I am going to give myself a few days to go through the grieving process but starting on Monday look forward to me getting my shit together.

Send me your prayers and/or well wishes. But later when I start my audio book send me your cash. 🙂

As always,

8 thoughts on “Unemployed

  1. Im sorry to hear that. I’ve been there, out of the blue being let go. What I did was contact a laywer to have a look at my contract, if the firm was following the law or not. They had made one mistake and I was given 2 weeks pay as compensation, which wansnt much, but at least something.

    Lets hope u manage to find that dream job 🙂

  2. Bah! You didn’t really want to work for him anyway, did you? While it does indeed suck, I bet this will turn out to be a good thing. I’m betting you will either find – or make – a better job for you and your family. Best of luck to you.

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