Mostly One

So last night I was watching some Theros drafts on Channel Fireball while I mindlessly rocked a few hard vale quests when the brew bug bit me and a deck idea entered my brain. Using things I new I had only. I didn’t want to buy anything for a “fun” deck.

First draft:

4 Young Pyo
4 Akroan Crusader
4 Nivmagus Elemental
4 Sedge Scorp
4 Gladecover Scout or
2 Rakdos crackler or Blistercoil Weird or Dryad Militant

4 Coordinated Assault
4 Warriors’ Lesson
4 Giant Growth
4 Titan’s Strength
2 Ranger’s guile
4 Shock

20 land Mountains and Forests.

I didn’t win a game in the test match vs Remmie right after I scrambled to pull the list together. But I feel some of that was hitting a big land pocket in both matches. That could been me only shuffling maybe 6-10 times total, the lands just didn’t have enough time to really get dispersed through the deck. In both games I had the game in my grasp early but then Remmie would get something down with a fat ass and was able to use it to stall things out and recover. Where had I gotten some gas it would have been a different story maybe… Maybe not…

I think we could cut to 18 lands and add two more dude, but Young Pyo and Akroan Crusader were huge workhorses. I really wish I could run more of them… But like all wennie decks it wants more draw or card selection. The boy and I started to talk about a white version but it doesn’t help in draw or card selection departments. But I can see going blue if I was willing to lose Giant Growth/Sedge Scorp and was willing to raise the curve some… But then the next thing you know your playing the blue devotion deck or the normal red burn deck…

Oh well not every fun deck works.


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