Did I Rage?

Last night I got a tweet from Phlor with a link to an article on Massively.com about players of DDo having a “sit” in to protest the TR costing changes. For those of you that (like myself) don’t really stay up to date ddo news, Turbine is removing the 20 epic tokens (sorry tokens of the twelve) to buy a heart of wood for TRing as an option. Making the buy in the store option a lot more attractive as the other in game option as I understand it will be a lot more grind then the normal populace is ready/willing to do.

My reply is many layered but simple, Turbine fucked up when it added buy a heart in game for epic tokens and I think are just now taking steps to repair it. They took a real in game personal currency (limited based on your willingness to epic and bta) more or less totally deflated its worth and then said well you can buy this thing from the store with them….

So to that end I think moving them back to the store is a valid option. I know that most of my Tp went into TRing Samius when he was on the completionist train. I might have had a life or two for free but most of his lives were done using hearts from the store (as many as I could bought when they were on sale).

Can people complain? Sure.
Can they leave or say they are leaving? Also sure.
Do I think they will? No.
There is a track record of people saying they are leaving but then don’t.

Guess my thing is I know that Turbine (and yes I know there is more to Turbine then just DDo) now has to answer to higher powers each quarter. Last I checked the ddo section of turbine didn’t have a huge push in hires to make more products to sale to cover their share of the accountability to WB. So they have to take back something that was free to cover the costs in redoing the TR system, which by all accounts (again that I hear as I am too lazy to look at things myself) is fairly good.

I for one would rather them make money off the hearts again then do like a over arching 5% higher tax on everything or reduce the number of sales or a dozen of other things they could do to make larger profits. And as I understand it is doable to farm up hearts in game, but again it is not for the lazy.

My rage (if I have any) is at them once again making a new currency and ripping the bottom totally out of an existing one vs reusing the existing currency or at least buffing the now worthless currency…

Okay I need to head to work,

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