Magic the Gathering Vs DDo?

So I am on the up ramp for MtG taking over my life again. Pre enchantment pass my thoughts were mostly filled with thoughts of DDo, alts to level, builds to try, gear to grind and that was good. Then the pass hit and now I am all like okay do I abandon this guy and TR him now or wait until the new super TR is out? Where is the value?

Oh see there it is, “that Magic talk.” A line like “Where is the value?” is right out the MtG player handbook. But don’t panic, I am not giving up DDo, at least not yet. ☺ I am just doing things like Friday Night Magic events and the rare Saturday thing. But if you are not a MtG player you might get a little intro as I ramble on. But I have always seen/written about DDo through the eyes of a MtG player and I will more then likely be doing so even more then before. So if you start to see things that are a little strange, even for me, ask and I will most likely explain with “In Mtg ….”

So how has this week been in DDo?

Not bad. Still mostly playing my Rogue and or my “healer/caster” druid. I am digging the new Season line on him at least. On Java, what little I have played, has been me shouting, “Damn it, I am in summer!” then some more colorful additives for the next few mins, then rejoicing when returning to winter. Aka think there will be no more Season’s Herald on Dog form fighting guys…

For those of you that don’t follow me on twitter, @samiusgurobo, the satellite box/DVR crapped out. So while that was down (new one should be installed over lunch today) I would play DDo on one screen and then stream video from Starcitygames or ChannelFireball. Sure I don’t know what is going on in the newest Breaking Bad or Dexter (and if you spoil it for me I will killz you) but my nights weren’t that bad. I even found a sudo drafter site to “practice” draft picks and my builder brain is back to making decks vs making DDo builds. But I am leveling slowly but surely.

Lets talk just a little about leveling. With the xp changes it is fairly worth wild if you know your going to be slow rocking a level to plan a little head. Ie flag an opener for high xp quests and have a plan for “daily” runs. God, I hate that idea. Makes me think of WoW… But that is kinda just how it is right now. Last week I was running a Pit, Tear and a Qwylan’s and then logging off or swapping to my rogue and hitting a eHVon3 before logging to play Magic with the boy before bed. This week I set my low level opener for things like Necro4 and … I feel like there were some other things…. But if there was it is slipping my mind. I know that later tonight I will start the daily runs of Shadow Crypt. ☺


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