Why Can’t I Make my Living Playing DDo?

This last few weeks at work have been killer, fires to put out, trying to be avable to answer questions for the new guy and not to go in to many details my company is starting to make some leaps I have been working towards for a while now but didn’t have the resources to knock out. Hell last night I work up at least 4 times due to catching myself dreaming about work issues, aka unacceptable.

I miss the days of coming home and logging on and being wrapped up in DDo until right before bed. Last night Tobril and I talked shopped while doing Rusted Blade spams. It was very strange, not that we have talked about work issues before but mostly those things were coding issues or personal issues that could be solved or vented about and leaving the conversation at least feeling better and not struggling just as much with those issues hours later….

You know I have/had more passion for DDo then any job I ever had. I never did a 0 profit anything for a work project because I just loved my job. But I have done lots of DDo related things just for the love of the game.

So in a world where there are professional StarCraft players, why can’t I rock some DDo for real life loots?

It is just not right I tell you.

And yes I could play DDo for 40 hours a week with that same love as I do now. Mostly because I am near 40s a week anyway I think…. 20ish hour weekends + 1 to 4 hour nights weeknights….


3 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Make my Living Playing DDo?

  1. If you figure out how to make a living doing this, you had better let me know. Maybe I should go back to Junior college or something and learning some programming, so I can go work for Da Man (aka WB/Turbine)

  2. If it became your job, after awhile, it would be just … your job.

    Having said that, if a professional DDO league ever opened up, I am so right there with you.

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