My New Handicap

I tweeted I think on Monday that the wife gave me my anniversary gift, a Logitech G600 mouse.

Oh yeah….

OMG, that is a lot of buttons…. What was I thinking?

Okay, first of all it is not really that many buttons okay it but work with me.

G8/G7 are for mouse modes so they are not important for game play.

G15 –G20 is mapped to control 1-6 and I have mapped control 1-6 to be 1-6 on the second game bar. I never did so before because when I first started playing control + numbers was difficult for me on my old ThinkPad laptop. When I moved to gaming Pcs I was set in my ways. Now I had a chance when I moved to the Merc keyboard but still I didn’t bother. But one of the reasons I wanted this mouse was to get more quick keys in my grasp.

G9 and G12 are for my second row control 9 and 0 keys.

Hey it seems strange not to just map a key to control and use the number keys and I might try that later… IDK. There is something to one button pushes in my mind, even if I “loose” quick access to 2 of the possible quick keys. And I say that because…

G10 and G13 are mapped to next noncombat / previous noncombat. My old MX 500 I had the forward button mapped to next noncombat and if I got over zealous with my clicking I would have to click through again vs backing up.

G 11 and G14 would be next combat and previous combat (my MX500 the back button was next combat see the above issue with just one button for targets). And the G14 is working, but for some reason G11 doesn’t want to do any of my commands. I am going to try mapping it to some letter and use notepad to see if it is working at all. My gut says no…

Now if I could just get a touch screen and touch the icons I need as needed maybe I could be a hair faster….

Okay back to the grind,


12 thoughts on “My New Handicap

  1. 🙂 I was actually considering that one, or a similar one the other day. But I figured, until I get an external screen and a better gaming table, I’ll manage with what I have.

  2. I might find that many buttons to be overkill, but I’d sure love a couple more to map out my most used spells and such. I already have one side mouse button set to interact/take (useful for collectibles, doors, etc.) I would love to have a few hotkeyed for healing and/or offensive spells.

    • I use the Cyborg RAT at the moment, that gives me 4 side buttons, with the option of making it 12 if I utilise the mode switch (which I don’t) – that might be enough for you. You can adjust the size & weight and it’s very comfortable.

      • I looked at one of those but i thought all my MX 500 fit just right (and i use one at work) and the G600 is about the same size and shape (it is a little shorter and wider to add the shift key).

        Also more options for those Cybrog are just more places for failure to happen.

      • you realise my comment was for Jerry right? As an option for more keys than he has now, but less that yours? 😛

        My next mouse will probably be the Naga 😀

  3. It is hard to tell but the g10-g14 keys are shaped to form a depression and the g15-g20 keys also make a depression. It is the easiest mouse with more then 2 thumb buttons i have ever used because of these depressions + the key bumps on the g13 and g15 buttons.

    However i also looked at the Naga Hex or maybe the Hex Naga… it was a real contender until i looked at the mouse size being the same as the razor naga and is is too small for my massive hands.

    • Here’s my problem: I have a short memory and attention span. So the very idea that I could memorize more than three buttons on a mouse is laughable. I’d be casting random spells/skills until I ran out of mana or patience or both. Thank goodness I have a gamepad though. Now THAT I can memorize!

      • Think you might like a Naga Hex then. Target combat, noncombat, shift or control, and up to 3 important quick actions like use, pot/ F1 + some heal action etc…

  4. I didn’t understand a bit of what you said mr samius. Haha. I don’t use the keyboard at all on ddo. I barely even use the mouse except to either go through casting buffs or to move it out of the way so I can auto target enemies/boxes/levers/runes/switches

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