National Masturbation Day

Today’s update has nothing to do with NMD, but seems like a holiday that I should throw my support behind. No this is the second time I started this update the first post I cried about how a killer migraine hit me all weekend but that was too whiney even for me so lets try topic number two: I enjoy assassinating mobs.

Oh do I like cutting mobs heads off, it is amazing. My DC right now is only 33 or so but other than a +6 item and my level ups going into Int there has not been a lot in the way of maximizing my Dc yet. This is by far the funniest build to level up since I leveled java as a druid. And I have done a pure arty (lots of fun) and Tred Java into a Jugg (fairly fun (getting better now that I am fiddling with ninja stars some.)). I think it comes from still being effective and useful at all times even if I am not a main melee dps role. Not that I couldn’t be more dps but I am doing a few different things in this build that I think will really shine in the end game even if that makes the now game harder.

But this weekend was the first time I really got to use assassinate, the wife and I were dong eyes of stone and she would be fighting like a room of trash and I would assassinate the caster and then move to the trash mob with the most HP and work my way around just sneak attacking my little heart out. Good times. Then later in the quest I was able to use my assassinate to drop the mini boss in each room when they awoke leaving us with just the elemental to clean up. Made things very nice. In the final room there was more then a few times I wished the assassinate ability would work with a bow but that is no joy.

Real fast speaking of joy, you have no idea how much I loved it when I first bluffed and then entered sneak mode to assassinate a mob that was hurting me. I was giddier then a schoolgirl. I tried to explain it to the wife, but she just didn’t see the funny. He was stabbing me, I told him I wasn’t a bad man and I would hurt him and then I cut his bitch head off when he turned his back…. So classic.

Anyway I have a meeting about maybe picking up some classes for a few months. It can be hard for me to get into something that I am not excited about. Like rapid development php environments and whatnots… Maybe pick up some new letters my title and find a different JOB where I can do more then crank away on old shit while being told I need to be the futurist but no one wants to have the birthing pains of what the future brings… Anyway this is not the time for that kind of bitching either.

Have a wank and rock the day..


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