PSA and More

Lets kick things off with a little PSA; do not do any TR (lesser/greater/True) with gear equipped on a pet. Over the weekend I lessered Samiusbot to clean up and straighten out some feats and when I was equipping and fixing hot bars I noticed that a Docent of Defiance I had on my Dog had gone missing. After an extremely detailed search I called a DM. After about 20 secs reading my OG complaint I got a message more or less saying “ You shouldn’t TR with gear equipped on pets, we don’t track loot so we can’t respawn your item. Anything else I can do for you?” And he was more or less gone….

Thing is I have lessered and TRed many times and while I have lost gear I have never lost gear from a pet before. And I didn’t loose my collar this time from the tone of the DM txt I should have lost everything… Idk. As soon as I get this posted I will fill out a ticket and see if someone beyond a DM can help.

Funny thing is not 3 hours before I was talking to the brits about how I thought about upgrading to a bigger docent for my dog then it goes and intimates a massive group of mobs and just don’t care because the DoD procs and its life is good.

Kinda wish I had now… Oh well I put in a ticket and will see what the support center says about it….

So to the More part of things…. I Lessered Samiusbot to try and clean up my feat list. I wanted something like this:

  •  1          empower
  • 3          maximize
  • 6          Quicken
  • 9          WIx past life or bow str…
  • 12       Toughness
  • 15       rapid shot
  • 18       manyshot
  • 21       insightful relfexes
  • 24       combat archery
  • 4          precise
  • 8          point blank shot
  • 12       Imp Precise
  • 16       imp Crit Ranged
  • 20       mithral body

The order was not real important and that is more or less what I took other then at 18 I had to choose between Quciken and Bow Str and I took Quicken and then at 20 for my last bonus feat I had to pick something not Bow Str… So I am missing out on like 20ish points of Dps per shot atm… Damn it!

I had an list where I lost mithral body and bow Str and took Shuriken and Shuriken Expertise. And here is why. If this guy goes all ranged (aka the plan) then I want as many ranged attacks per min as possible, right? And SE + Whirling Wrist is about as many attacks as one can get with a ranged weapon assuming a better then 30 dex…

I had hoped that I could use insightful Strike to use my int for damage but that wont work. Thanks Jerry for the catch.

But still an Alchemical Shuriken is 2[d2] + 1[w] for combat archery and 1[w] for Deadly which makes the damage is still laughable but when you add run arm for 2d6 to 2d10 and you work up the elemental binding you get a hell of a weapon. That according to what I have been reading is close to manyshot all the time… Plus burst dps of Endless Fusillade/Manyshot with Shirdi procs all the time. Hell if I can get close to the number of Shirdi procs Samius gets spamming all those force spells with out the SP cost and limitations on Mobs being immune to MM and lower then 4th level spells then I could have a real different looking powerhouse.

Mark my words someone will be talking up this or something real close to this real soon.  Maybe on one of those Juggernaut like builds where the feats are not that fair out of the box… IDK… Maybe I will TR one of my guys into a Jug and try it myself anyway.. I just have a hard time not being 20 arty if I am taking more then 1 arty level…

Well <3s


2 thoughts on “PSA and More

  1. I learned the artie-dog-loosing-equipment lesson when doing a lesser some time ago. Luckily the item magically appeared in my TR bank on the next life. Seriously though, you should not loose equipment this way and Trubine’s nonchalance attitude about it is aggravating.

  2. This is good information (both the pet issue and the Shuriken). I’ve reincarnated a few times with a pet and thankfully never lost anything, so I am happy to know that I should be pulling my items off ahead of time.


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