Mindless Wondering

So for the last few weeks I have been jumping from project to project at work unable to really get focused on any one of them or given the time to complete any of the said projects. It is a real problem as I am now completely unfocused now at work even though I don’t have the time to waist on this bullshit.

I have always been good at letting side projects fester to the side of my mind while I knock out whatever project I am doing at the moment. Hell that is part of the reason I started my old blog on my.ddo was to try and clear my cache some and get DDo out of my system so I would free up some more brain cells for the important things at the moment.

But now I find myself once again preoccupied with so many side projects that I can’t seem to focus on the main goal. Which is killer as once again I have a last min/high priority project that is about 3 weeks of work that needs to be done and about 2 weeks to get it done.

But I can’t seem to clear the side buffers. I find my foremind wondering about this work project or that on or DDo or my farm stuff. I find myself brain locked and needed to take 5 to try and regroup.

I found myself wondering around the Vale last night running explorers when I had intended to xp/speed run in the Vale quests but my mind shifted to work thoughts and not game thoughts and what was left of my goals at least kept my moving in some helpful way. But I more or less lost the nights gaming to work and I hate that.

I don’t know what to do, or how to help myself. I am half thinking that I need to start taking long baths at work so to have more eureka moments and push through my blocks but what I realy need is to be able to work at home and play at work so when my mind has answers I can jump on them and not try to save them from 12 hours past….

Anyway, pretend I said something inspiring and mind blowing in this closing and not this and maybe it will allow you to be the laser beam and get work or play done.


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